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If there is one beach that is a pity to miss if you are stopping by in Bali, then the answer is Kelingking Beach or Kelingking Beach. How come? Even though it is less well known by local tourists, this little beach is one of the beaches that is quite loved by tourists from abroad.

In fact, this beach is so cool, in 2019 it was ranked 19 of the 25 best beaches in the world according to TripAdvisor.

So, if you are planning to have a vacation to Kelingking Beach and are looking for information to get there, let’s take a look at our information below.

Price of admission

The price of admission to Kelingking Beach is quite cheap, you only need to spend IDR 5,000 to be able to enjoy the natural panorama of this beach.

But on the other hand, you still have to provide excess budget to rent a ferry to Nusa Penida and rent a vehicle (motorbike or car) to get to the Kelingking Beach location from the port which is about 25 km away.

This beach is on Nusa Penida Island, which means that to get to Kelingking Beach you need to rent a boat to cross to Nusa Penida Island.

There are 3 starting points that you can choose to cross to Nusa Penida, between Padang Bai East Port, Kusamba Klungkung Harbor and Sanur Beach.

The fastest travel time to get to Nusa Penida is via Sanur Beach with a travel time of about 30-40 minutes using a fast boat.

Arriving at Nusa Penida Harbor, you still have to continue the journey to Kelingking Beach, which is approximately 25 km from the port. So you have to rent a vehicle (motorbike or car) to continue your journey to Kelingking Beach.

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Interesting thing

1. Dinosaur Head Coral

One of the beautiful and unique sights on this beach is a rock that resembles a dinosaur head. Of course, this view is one of the interesting photo spots for you.


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