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It is not uncommon if Cirebon is famous for its glittering metropolitan city, luxury hotels, the Sultanate of Cirebon to its special food offerings in the form of empal gentong, jamblang rice, koclok noodles, docang, gejrot tofu and many more traditional foods that decorate the square. and the outskirts of Cirebon city and has made it a culinary destination for appetizing.

But in addition to the excitement of industrial cities, ports to typical traditional culinary cities, this city, which is located in West Java Province, also has a variety of natural attractions, call it Kewajanan Beach which is a separate paradise in a city that has recently become increasingly crowded with mall buildings. and office buildings.

The beach, which is located not far from the port and has the most beautiful sunset spot, is often used as a favorite tourist location for residents who want to get away from their boring routine for a moment by simply enjoying the roar of the sea waves, the tweets of seagulls, playing water, leaning under a tree, sunbathing on the sand. chatting with family, relatives and local residents.

Located on the edge of the city of prawns, Kewajanan Beach turns out to have a myth that is still believed by local residents where sea water on this beach is believed to cure various diseases ranging from diabetes, gout to stroke by washing yourself or simply gargling with sea water. the.

But still, it is all inseparable from God’s grace and human efforts depending on their belief in this myth. Of course, this beach not only presents melodious blue waves, tree lined and sandy stretches, but also the low strains that surround this beach making it more exotic. In addition, the cleanliness in this tour also deserves thumbs up thanks to the efforts of the local government.

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Not only superior in the natural facilities available, this Kewajanan Beach is also equipped with various other public facilities ranging from prayer rooms, large parking areas, bathrooms, gazebos to rows of street vendors and restaurants serving seafood and Cirebon specialties and various shops souvenir.

Entrance ticket prices at Kejawan Beach

The rate charged to be able to enter and enjoy the beauty of the sunset and other nuances on this beach is only IDR 1,000 per person. Fantastic price isn’t it! Because the price is cheap but still of high quality and quality, the awareness of residents should be emphasized not to littering in order to maintain the ecosystem and the beauty of the Pantai Kewajanan and comfort.

Located not far from Cirebon Harbor, in detail, the location of Kejawan Beach is in Yos Sudarso Village which is also not too far from Ade Irma Traffic Garden in Cirebon. Visitors who come from within Cirebon can directly take a private or public vehicle by following the directions to the port.

Visitors coming from Jakarta can take Jalan Raya Pantura or Toll Jakarta-Cikampek and Tol Cipali for 215.5 km or the equivalent of 3 and a half hours. Meanwhile, visitors from Central Java, especially from the capital city of Semarang, can take Jalan Raya Pantura Semarang as far as 246.1 km or the equivalent of more than 5 hours and the same route for visitors from East Java.

Tourism Object on Kejawan Beach

1. Spot the sunset

It is no secret that local residents often make Kejawan Beach as the location for family weekend vacations where this beach is often used as a long vacation escape for residents of the capital and its surroundings because it is famous for its amazing and extraordinary sunset spots like vacationing on the Island of Hawaii.

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2. Rent a boat

At Kejawan Beach, visitors can also rent a boat to simply enjoy the beautiful blue sea bathed in bright clouds with lulling waves and of course the incomparable beauty of the sunset. The rental rate for wooden and rubber boats is only Rp. 5,000 per person for one hour and even that is negotiable.

3. Spot photos

It is unfortunate if visitors do not take advantage of the moment. The exoticism of the sunset, the rows of shady trees, the rental boats to the small animals on the mainland make this beach has many extraordinary photo spots plus the delicious processed seafood and Cirebon specialties provided by the nearest restaurant so that the event becomes more stable.

4. Magic water

Kejawan Beach turns out to have a myth that is still believed by local residents where the sea water on this beach is believed to cure various diseases ranging from diabetes, gout to stroke by washing yourself or simply gargling with sea water.

5. Embankments and shady trees

The number of trees that surround this beach makes it more cool and comfortable. In addition, the number of embankments can also be used by residents as the most relaxing place to enjoy the sunset.

Apart from the busy city and port of Cirebon, the presence of Kejawan Beach is a special entertainment for local residents to take a break from their routine by staring at the beautiful sunset.


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