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Indonesia is a country that is rich in natural beauty, especially in water areas because most of its territory consists of oceans. This tropical country is often the main choice for foreigners from various countries to come and have a vacation. The wealth of beach tourism in Indonesia is not only on the islands of Bali and Lombok, Java also has beach tours.

One of the cities that has beach tourism in Indonesia is Tulungagung City in East Java. In this city there are several beaches with different uniqueness and beauty of each and different objects. One of the beaches that you can make a destination for on vacation is Kedung Tumpang Beach which is open 24 hours.

Price of admission

Tariffs are the most important thing for someone to think about when visiting a tourist attraction because they are related to the contents of the pocket. When you have budget which is limited, but still want to unwind with a vacation just come to Kedung Tumpang Beach. On this beach, the price of admission is differentiated based on weekdays and holidays.

If you want to enter for free and without parking ticket fees, come on weekdays because there are no officers. When it comes on holidays like weekend or other national holidays will be subject to an entrance fee of IDR 5,000. Not only that, parking is also applied when holidays arrive at Rp. 3,000 for motorbikes and Rp. 5,000 for cars.

This beach does not have good management so that the officers on guard are not there every day. Officers on duty are only available on holidays, so on weekdays everyone is welcome free of charge. The parking area provided is one kilometer from the beach location and the land is quite adequate and spacious.

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The existing road access is quite good with asphalt roads, but the asphalt road only stops until the parking lot. After that the road was still steep, making it impossible for vehicles, especially cars to pass through. You are advised to walk one kilo meter to the beach to avoid unwanted things.

The beach distance from the city center is about 35 kilometers and takes one hour to travel if the road conditions are smooth. The route you have to take is to follow Jalan Pesantren for about 1.5 kilometers and then turn left. Continue the journey for two kilometers then turn right.

Continue the journey towards Jalan Kalidawir – Panjerejo with the characteristic of turning left if you find a hospital building at a crossroads. Follow the road straight ahead for two kilometers then turn right past refueling on the left. Then follow the road three kilometers in length, then turn left.

Your journey continues for 1.5 kilometers and then turn right and then head towards Jalan Demuk. At that time you will begin to pass a winding road with a fairly steep incline and terrain. You have to keep your focus and don’t go at a dangerous speed because the road is quite dangerous.

Continue your journey for 21 kilo meters, follow the directions in the vicinity of the area you are passing. After that you will arrive at the parking area as described in the previous paragraph. Then you have to walk one kilo meter to officially be at Kedung Tumpang Beach.

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Interesting thing

1. Cliffs

Around this beach is surrounded by cliffs with a height that is quite challenging and can be enjoyed by all visitors. When you come to Kedung Tumpang, go up to the top of the cliff to see the beautiful beach from a height. Make sure you wear supportive clothes and shoes for rock climbing because the terrain is quite steep and challenging.

2. Coral

One of the uniqueness of this beach is the spread of large sea corals and is able to withstand waves. This coral is not far from the beach so that if you have the courage you can step onto the reef location. This coral is quite charming because it traps seawater, causing puddles with blue water.

3. Photo Spot

Kedung Tumpang Beach is classified as a beach tourist attraction that is still quiet and has not been touched by many local and foreign tourists. This has a positive impact, one of which is being a photo spot with stunning results. You only need to choose which spots are worth making background to produce that photo instagramable.

4. Spot Sunset and Sunrise

The beach is one of the best places to enjoy the sunrise and sunset due to its great location clear. The beach is free of towering structures so the action of sunrise and sunset is clearly visible. For that, there’s nothing wrong with coming to Kedung Tumpang Beach to start or close an existing day.

5. Spot photos Srewedding

Before getting married, one of the most popular things for the bride and groom to do is taking a photo session prewedding. You can do that on this beach and if you can do it on weekdays to avoid the entrance fee. Besides getting satisfying photos, budget that was spent was little and very cheap.

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