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Maybe you haven’t heard the name of this beach often, but north of Jimbaran Beach in Bali there is a white sandy beach that provides delicious seafood and beautiful views. The name of this beach is Kedonganan Beach. Because of this close location, you can feel a sensation similar to Jimbaran Beach, but it’s not that busy.

IN this article, you will find reasons that will make you even more interested in visiting Kedonganan Beach. If you want a beautiful view but don’t want to be faced with crowds, then Kedonganan Beach is the perfect choice.

Entrance ticket prices at Kedonganan Beach

To enter Kedonganan Beach, you don’t need to pay an entrance ticket per person. You only need to pay according to the vehicle you carry. For two-wheeled vehicles, the entrance ticket costs 2 thousand Rupiah per vehicle. For 4-wheeled vehicles or more, the ticket price is 5 thousand Rupiah per vehicle.

Very cheap, right? If you are saving on vacation costs, then this beach is the right destination.

As mentioned earlier, the location of Kedonganan Beach is very close to Jimbaran Beach so it is not difficult to find it. The distance is only about 5 minutes from Jimbaran Beach. You can just visit 2 beaches at once in one day.

You can also head directly to Kedonganan Beach from your location. First, seek the Great Path of Investigation. At the end of Jalan Pemelisan Agung, you will see a fishing boat. Head there to reach Kedonganan Beach.

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Tourism Object on Kedonganan Beach

1. Seeing the expanse of white sand

Some of the most beautiful beaches in Indonesia have white sand, and Kedonganan Beach is one of them. Enjoy the atmosphere of a white sandy beach that is still not too crowded and polluted compared to other beaches that are already busy. Because it is not crowded with visitors, of course you can enjoy it until you are satisfied.

2. Enjoy the Sunset

Almost all beaches in Bali are famous for presenting a very beautiful sunset view at dusk, including Kedonganan Beach. With the beach still not too crowded, you can definitely choose the most convenient location to enjoy the sunset view.

3. Enjoy a meal at a Seafood themed cafe

Because of its location close to the ocean, of course there are many cafes and restaurants that specialize in seafood or seafood. Kedonganan Beach is one of the beaches that serves the best seafood.

In the southern part of Kedonganan beach, you can find a row of cafes that specialize in grilled fish. Most cafes offer menus that are similar to each other, but the delicacy depends on the cook. Taste and compare for yourself to find your favorite.

4. Enjoying Other Seafood Menu

Apart from grilled fish, you can also find many more seafood menus such as squid, crab, shrimp, shellfish, and even lobster. The price also varies, depending on the weight of the dish you buy.

You can also choose the processing method and ask the restaurant owner to cook it according to your wishes. Usually the dish you order will be served with plain rice, stir-fried vegetables, fried peanuts, and other complements according to your wishes.

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5. Walking along the beach

The beach condition is far from crowded making it perfect if you want to enjoy a leisurely stroll here in the morning or evening. Because it is not crowded yet, of course the condition of the beach is still very clean and not messy like other well-known beaches. Remember to keep clean so that the beauty of this beach can be enjoyed for years to come.

6. Visiting the Fresh Fish Market

If you want to taste fresh fish that comes straight from the sea, you can buy it here. North of Kedonganan Beach, you can find a fresh fish market that is sold by local people. Most of the population works as fishermen. It is highly recommended to buy fresh fish before 11 am in order to get fresh ones.

If you come too late, you will not be able to choose good quality fish. Apart from being sold to visitors, the fresh fish here is also distributed to restaurants and cafes around Kedonganan Beach.

7. Enjoying Dishes While Watching the Sunset

Most of the restaurants on Kedonganan Beach are open from evening to night. Starting around 4 p.m., restaurant owners will start setting up chairs and tables, and that means their restaurant will be opening soon. When the sky shows the sun is setting, the candles will usually be lit.

Now, you can start ordering dishes and enjoy them while watching the sunset. Because of the atmosphere offered, Kedonganan Beach is one of the most favorite culinary and recreation spots in Bali.

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Interested in the experience you will get at Kedonganan Beach? Don’t hesitate anymore, immediately plan your vacation to this beach.



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