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Kasap Beach is one of the favorite beach charms in Pacitan. This beach is still very natural. This beach is located in Ketro Hamlet, Watukarung Village, Pringkuku District, Pacitan, East Java … The beach which is right next to Sruni beach has a distinctive characteristic on the South coast. Namely coral, then white sand and heavy waves. Like the character of western Pacitan beaches, Kasap Beach is also white sandy and wavy. The coastline is quite narrow in the form of a curved sandy bay and flanked by cliffs on the left and right. This beach has a view similar to one of the beaches in Indonesia which is quite popular, namely Raja Ampat Beach. To enjoy a view similar to Raja Ampat Beach, you have to go up to the hill next to this beach by passing the path. Arriving at the top of the hill you will be spoiled with a pretty cool view, namely several small islands in the middle of the sea … This beach is still classified as natural and has not been fully managed by the government. This beach has not been visited by many people. On this beach you can relax feeling the breezy breeze while enjoying the waves of the south coast. Not only that, if you come here in the afternoon, then you can watch the sunset from the hill as well as capture it with a camera.


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