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Who doesn’t know the figure of RA Kartini and the City of Jepara? She is a fighter for the emancipation of Indonesian women. Thanks to their struggles, currently Indonesian women have equal status with men. Jepara is a district in Central Java Province, where Raden Ajeng Kartini was born. So, because of his services his name is remembered as the name of the beach in his homeland.

Kartini Beach is one of the prides of tourism in the Jepara community. Not only as natural tourism, this beach is also equipped with various exciting rides for education and recreation for children as well as family-friendly picnic spots. On this beach every year it is used for the Traditional Cultural Agenda “Lomban”, which in turn becomes the main attraction to invite tourists.

Price of admission

Visiting Kartini Beach is subject to a retribution fee of IDR 5,000 – IDR 7,500 per person. In addition, tourists who drive will be charged an additional fee as a parking fee. The amount of fees charged varies, depending on the vehicle used, ranging from Rp. 2,000– Rp. 12,500. This cost is relatively cheap, considering the many things this beach has to offer.

Kartini Beach is strategically located in Bulu Village, which is about two and a half kilometers from the Jepara Regent Government Office. The travel field to reach this beach is very good and can be passed by various vehicles. So for those of you who are outside the city and want to take your relatives on a trip to Kartini Beach, you don’t need to worry about driving.

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If you want to go to Kartini Beach by public transportation, from Semarang City (Terminal Terboyo) you can take a bus and stop at Jepara Terminal. From the terminal, if you are willing you can walk about fifteen minutes to reach the beach location. If not, please take a rickshaw. They will be happy to escort you safely to your destination.

If you are far from out of town, for example Palembang. You can board an airplane and land at Ahmad Yani Airport. If you are from Jakarta and want to use the train, please stop at Tawang Station. Then the trip can be reached again by taxi or travel that provides Semarang – Jepara trips.

If you use a motorbike or private car, the route that can be taken is the Semarang – Demak – Jepara route. If you pass this route, you will already be guided by road signs, so you don’t need to be confused anymore. Later, after arriving in Jepara City, take the road to the west for about 3 kilometers and you will arrive in front of the gate of the Kartini Beach tourist area.

Interesting thing

Slightly different from most beaches, Kartini Beach offers a variety of complementary rides to tourist attractions. You will not regret bringing your family to rejoice in this place. Some of these attractions include:

1. Ocean Turtle

A building in the shape of a giant turtle is very iconic on this Kartini Beach. Inside there are two floors, the first floor offers a super large aquarium, fish spa, and a turtle touch pool. This spot is very comfortable for parents who want to relax while waiting for their children to play. In addition, there is also a touch screen information board for learning and a souvenir shop from the manager.

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On the second floor there is an educational area for children. Many interesting things are displayed in the place, such as fans without propellers, airplane simulators, human sensor props. The most interesting thing and always crowded with visitors is IMAX Deep Sea 3D. To enjoy this Ocean Turtle, visitors must spend IDR 12,500.00 – IDR 17,500.00.

2. Relax in the Kartini Beach Gazebo

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There are many gazebos that are often used by visitors to chat together, enjoy the beach, and often used as a pre-wedding photo backdrop. These gazebos on Kartini Beach are lined up connected by a semi-permanent curved bridge which certainly adds to the beautiful panorama of Kartini Beach. Especially at sunset.

3. Baths

Located in the western part of Kartini Beach, there is a bathhouse. People around believe that if someone takes a bath in the bath, all kinds of diseases they suffer will disappear, such as rheumatism, lung, eczema, tinea versicolor, and various other skin diseases. No wonder, the tourists who come also believe and try it.

4. Long Island

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The Kartini Beach area is the gateway to other tourist attractions in the vicinity. One of them is Pulau Panjang. This island functions as a nature reserve for flora and fauna which is protected by the government. The scenery on the island is also very beautiful with its white sand. You will be charged a rate of IDR 50,000.00 – IDR 70,000.00 if you cross by motorboat to the island.

5. Means of Entertainment and Education

Kartini Beach is equipped with a variety of rides for children to play, for example mini spoor, kecek house, giant chess, Indonesian Air Force aircraft, and others. The Jepara Regency Government promises another vehicle that will be built soon. The existence of these rides makes the visits even more crowded, especially during school holidays.

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Actually, there are still many tourist objects around Kartini Beach that are interesting and too bad to miss. For example, you can continue your vacation by crossing to Karimunjawa.


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