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Tourism in East Java, especially marine tourism, has now developed with many new beaches that have sprung up. One of the beaches in East Java is Karanggongso Beach, which is located in Tasikmadu, Watulimo, Trenggalek Regency. This beach is one of the most famous beaches in Trenggalek and is visited by local and foreign tourists.

This beach is 38 kilometers from the city center of Trenggalek and takes about an hour and a few minutes. Karanggongso Beach is a beach with clean white sand and a beautiful blue sea color. No wonder because of its beauty, visitors to this beach always increase and keep popping up every day.

Price of admission

Another name for this beach is Pasir Putih Beach and it is very popular among East Java residents and other residents. You can use the name Pasir Putih Beach if the local people don’t recognize the name Karanggongso Beach. The admission price charged here is IDR 10,000 for one adult and IDR 8,000 for children.

In addition, there is a parking fee of Rp. 2,000 for two-wheeled vehicles and Rp. 5,000 rupiah for four-wheeled vehicles. The rates set will change when entering the holiday season such as school holidays or other holidays. If you are visiting as a group, the bus can still enter by paying a parking fee of around IDR 25,000 to IDR 35,000.

Existing facilities on this beach are the same as beaches in general, such as bathrooms and culinary tours. In addition, there are also many merchant stalls selling various foods and drinks for all visitors who come. The bathroom on this beach is open for 24 hours without a break because here it is also often used for camping.

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Camping event or camp usually carried out by a group of communities and here are allowed to organize camping events. The officer said that if you are free to come here at any time if you want to camp, it can be from day or night. The place is comfortable and the scenery is beautiful is the main attraction for potential visitors.

Regarding the problem of road access here, there is no need to worry because the road conditions to get to this beach are very good. Even large buses can pass until they reach the parking lot of Karanggongso Beach area itself. The road conditions are not very uphill, although there are inclines at several locations, it is not dangerous.

The beach distance from the city center of Trenggalek is about 38 kilometers with a normal travel time of approximately one hour. If the road is quiet, maybe the travel time can be shortened by just 45 minutes. The route is from Jalan Nasional III keep going straight ahead, then turn right towards Jalan Gandusari.

At that time you have entered the Dusun Tanggung area, then turn right onto Jalan Raya Kedung. After that, turn left then turn right towards Jalan Sudirman which is marked by an elementary school. After meeting the big T-junction turn right onto Jalan Raya Bandung – Prigi.

Then turn right towards Jalan Raya Pantai Tasikmadu and this indicates that you are almost arriving at Karanggongso Beach. The beach here is actually an area where there are several beaches, one of which is Karanggongso Beach. Karanggongso Beach is in the eastern tip or the second last beach in one area with a charming view.

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Interesting thing

1. Place to Swim

The waves on this beach are friendly, so if you are on vacation here there is no prohibition on swimming for anyone. You are allowed to swim by keeping yourself and those around you safe. If you can’t swim, but still want to play water, you can rent tires provided by traders at affordable prices.

2. Get on the boat

A tourist attraction on Karanggongso Beach is boat rental at relatively cheap prices. These boats can be chartered at a cost per person or can also be chartered per boat, but at a different price. You will be invited to tour around Karanggongso Beach by boat and be accompanied by your loved ones who participate.

3. Culinary Tour

Karanggongso Beach is still in the same area as Prigi Beach which is a fishing beach and is famous for fish. Because there is still one area, in Karanggongso, various processed fish are sold, especially smoked fish that are appetizing. Not only that, you can also buy various foods and soft drinks through traders who sell around the beach.


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