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If you want to enjoy the beauty of Tanah Lot Beach Bali, but it is too far or budget Your vacation is not sufficient, you can visit Karang Paranje Beach tourist attraction. This beach is said to be similar to Tanah Lot Beach Bali because its characteristic is that there is a saung building that looks like a temple. This tourist attraction is located in Karyasari Village, Cibalong District, Garut Regency, West Java.

Karang Paranje Beach Tourism Object is very interesting to visit because of the charm of its beauty. You will be presented with a view of the stretching fine white sand, clear and bluish sea water, and also the existence of beachside rock cliffs that make you feel at home and comfortable to linger there. No wonder this beach is always crowded with tourists. Not only the surrounding community, but many tourists outside the area who also come to enjoy the beauty of this beach.

The idea of ​​the name Karang Paranje Beach itself is closely related to a local community story. It is said that this beach was used as a hiding place for a beautiful princess who was very fond of cockfighting (cockfighting). The king wanted to find a mate for his son, and to choose him, a competition was held to fight for the Princess. Finally, the competition was won by a knight who was ugly so that the Princess did not want to be edited by him.

The Princess hides behind a rock on the beach with her fighting cocks. One of the king’s servants looked for him in the coastal area. While doing his search in the morning, he heard a rooster crowing from behind a cluster of rocks. Then he approached the sound of the chicken, which was apparently the daughter’s favorite fighting cock. Because of this this beach is named Karang Paranje, said coral because there are clusters of corals on the coast. Meanwhile, the word paranje means chicken cage (place for chickens).

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Ticket prices at Karang Paranje Beach

To enjoy the beauty of Karang Paranje Beach, you don’t need to pay a lot of money. Each visitor to this beach is charged a rate of IDR 5,000 / person. Even sometimes the ticket location is not on guard, so you can enter for free. For those of you who bring a vehicle, you will be charged a parking fee of IDR 2,000 for two-wheeled vehicles and IDR 5,000 for four-wheeled vehicles.

To get to Karang Paranje Beach, there are several routes that you can take. You can go to the beach location using public transportation. The first route, starts from Bandung by going up from the long Leuwi terminal on the outside looking for the elf heading for Pameungpeuk, then getting off at the Cikajang area then taking another elf heading to Sancang and getting off right at the gate to Karang Paranjen Beach, the gate is blue and there is one next to it. right.

Another route that also starts from Bandung is by going up from the Cicaheum terminal taking a damri to Cibiru, then from Cibiru taking an elf that goes to the Cikajang area getting off at the Cikajang market, from Cikajang looking for an elf heading to the Sancang area.

Meanwhile, for those of you who use private vehicles, there are two paths that you can take to get to this beach location, namely:

South route = Bandung – Pangalengan – Cisewu – Rancabuaya – Karang Paranje Beach

City Garut Line = Cileunyi – Garut – Cikajang – Pameungpeuk – Karang Paranje Beach

For those of you who are still confused about the route to Karang Paranje Beach, you can ask for directions to the Karang Paranje Beach Tourism Object in Cibalong Garut, West Java on google maps installed on your smartphone.

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Attractions on Karang Paranje Beach

Tourist activities that you can do when visiting Karang Paranje Beach tourist onjek include:

1. Enjoy the Beach View (Sightseeing)

The view of Karang Paranje Beach which is so exotic from its clear bluish sea water and wide stretch of white sand certainly makes you feel at home for a long time there. The rock cliffs on the beach add to the beauty of this beach location. You can enjoy the panoramic view of Karang Paranje Beach as a whole by climbing these cliffs. On top of the cliff there is also a hut that you can use to rest while enjoying the view of this beach.

2. Fishing

Besides being able to enjoy the beautiful scenery, another thing you can do at Karang Paranje Beach is fishing. Locals often look for fish and crayfish and this beach by fishing or nets, or some even swim into the middle of the sea. If you forget to bring a fishing rod, you can also buy fresh fish / lobster from the residents, and immediately burn and eat it on the beach while enjoying the view.

3. Photo Hunting

For those of you who like photo hunting, Karang Paranje Beach can also be the best choice for more interesting photos. Not only from the beauty of the beach, you can also take the best spots with views of the high cliffs behind. This spot is the best spot to produce photos as if you were on Tanah Lot Beach Bali.

You can go up to the top of the rock cliff to get a better photo spot of Karang Paranje Beach. There, the beach view will be more free for you to capture. Visiting in the morning or evening is also the right choice to get better photos.

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4. Down the coast

Walking and playing on the beach is certainly an activity that you must do when visiting this beach. The vast expanse of white sand and also the stunning views of the coral and sea add to the beautiful natural panorama of this beach. The cool sea water, the fresh air, and the waves on Karang Paranje Beach also add to this tourist attraction. However, before walking along the beach you also have to pay attention to your safety by monitoring the wave conditions, whether the wave conditions on the beach are friendly or not.

5. Watching the sunset (sunset)

The beauty that you can enjoy on this beach is when visiting in the afternoon. You can enjoy the sunset from the top of the reef / cliff or you can do it along the beach. The panorama of Karang Paranje Beach will be even more exotic in the afternoon when the sun sets. Enjoying a cool afternoon, accompanied by an amazingly beautiful sunset is something you shouldn’t miss.

That’s a review of the charm of the beauty of the Karang Paranje Beach tourist attraction in Garut. Beach tourism is always interesting for you to enjoy, one of which is Karang Paranje Beach which is one of the best beaches in Garut. This beach, which has no less beauty than Tanah Lot Beach Bali, can be an alternative for your next vacation.


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