Karang Nini Beach – Ticket , Routes, Photos, Visitor Reviews


First there, you feel really fresh because there are lots of trees, gentle breeze, black sandy beaches but still good, the waves are quite large, the rocks are towering. There aren’t too many visitors, so if you want to refresh your brain it is suitable.

There is a viewing tower too. Plenty of places to sit, hammocks are also available. Many sellers don’t have to worry about being hungry, public toilets and prayer rooms are also available. Large parking area.
The lack of access to the beach is still quite bad, the road is small, so if you rarely drive in that place, it might be difficult and still quite quiet. So if it’s late afternoon / evening it seems scary too
Same suggestion, lots of trash cans, the problem is there is still a little visible trash dumped not in its place ..

Those who want to take a vacation, please recommend it,
Happy holiday guys



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