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When visiting an area, of course there is always a tourist destination that stands out the most. Likewise when visiting Southeast Sulawesi. Precisely in Buton Islands, Bau-Bau City, there is one tourist destination that stands out and is the pride of the community as well as the icon of Bau-Bau City. This tourist destination is none other than Kamali Beach.

On this beach a dragon statue is also built which is the icon of Bau-Bau City. Kamali Beach, which is located right in the heart of Bau-bau City, presents a different beauty and experience that visitors will not forget. Because the beach is right in the center of Bau-Bau City, the beachfront offered is a little different from the beaches in general, which are some distance from urban areas.

Price of admission

Kamali Beach is open for 7 days with admission prices varying depending on the day of visit. When weekdays (Monday-Friday), visitors will be charged a rate of Rp. 10,000-, per person. As for the day weekend (Saturday-Sunday) or other holidays will be subject to higher rates or depending on the policy of the Kamali beach operator.

The entrance fee is different from the parking fee for the visitor’s vehicle. Two-wheeled vehicles will be charged a parking fee of around IDR 5,000 per unit while four-wheeled vehicles and the rest will be charged a parking fee of IDR 10,000 per unit. The parking fee is dynamic depending on the parking management policy in effect at that time.

The beach, which is located on Jalan Mayjend, Sutoyo, Wale, Wolio District, Kota Bau-bau, Sulawesi, is quite easy to find. For visitors who come from the direction of Jalanahlawan, just follow Jalan Pahlawan until you find an intersection that connects Jalan Diponegoro with Jalan Anoa, turn left towards Jalan Sultan Hassanudin, until the city hall road.

Visitors who come from Jalan Anoa can go directly to Jalan Martadinata to get closer. Kamali Beach is right on the left side of Murhum Harbor from the east. Unlike the visitors who come from Jalan Betoambari. From Jalan Betoambari go straight north to Jalan Batara Guru then turn left onto Jalan Wolter Mangonsidi.

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From Jalan Wolter Mangonsidi go straight to the end and end at Jalan Yos Sudarso then turn right. Kamali Beach is right in front of Dayanu Ikhsanudin University, Bau-Bau City, until the bend of Jalan Mohammada Husni Tamrin. If you don’t want to be bothered with the streets of Bau-Bau City, visitors can rent a travel car that is ready to take you to your destination.

Interesting thing

1. Dragon Statue Icon

On the Kamali beach there is a large dragon statue surrounded by a fountain. This statue is an icon of the city of Bau-Bau which symbolizes the glory, strength and tenacity of the ancient Buton Kingdom. The dragon statue stands majestically and mighty as if it is the guardian and protector of Kamali Beach. Around this statue there are other interesting tourist objects.

This dragon statue icon is the object most hunted when visiting Kamali Beach. This half-body green dragon icon is often used as a photo object as a memento of visiting Kamali beach. It feels incomplete when visiting Kamali beach but don’t take the time to just see or take pictures with the dragon statue.

2. Garden that is neatly arranged

Along the Kamali beach, visitors will find gardens that are neatly arranged and very comfortable for a leisurely walk with family. Kamali beach is built with a garden step foot which follows the shoreline so that there is no sloping sand towards the sea. However, there are some locations that are still left with sand for certain purposes such as irrigation or for children’s playgrounds.

The existence of this park is because Kamali beach is located near Murhum Port where this port was built by separating the sloping sand from the sea so that it is forwarded to the Kamali beach. The existence of this park makes the Kamali beach more organized among the sparkling Bau-Bau City. The existence of this park is also very useful for the people of Bau-Bau City to relax and have a picnic.

3. Children’s Playground

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Kalimali beach is apparently not only friendly for adults but also children. There are many children’s playgrounds provided at Kamali beachfront park. These rides can be accessed by anyone for free. The rides available include swings, slides, and many more. Besides being fun, these rides can also train children’s movements and muscles

4. Convenient Location for Morning Walks

Bau-Bau townspeople often use the pedestrian path along Bau-Bau Beach for morning sports from walking to jogging. The morning atmosphere of Kamali Beach is very fresh with a cool beach morning breeze. Exercise in the morning at Kamali Beach is not only healthy for the body, but also healthy for the mind and eyes.

5. Trees along the coast

In order to keep the beach cool even though it is in the center of Bau-Bau City, the Kamali beach manager has planted trees in the form of coconut trees that are lined up along the beach. The existence of these trees apart from being a shade and conditioning also adds to the impression of the beauty of the garden and exotic Kamali beach. At a glance, Kamali Beach is similar to the coast of California, United States.

6. Culinary Tourism Street Food

There is something that cannot be missed is a culinary tour that is very appetizing. Kamali Beach is actually divided into 3 parts, namely in the west it is used as a parking lot and an area for street food sellers who sell their wares. Meanwhile, the eastern part is reserved for food vendors at night. The center itself is the center as well as the place for the dragon icon.

The street food offered at Kamali beach varies greatly from main meals, desserts, drinks, snacks, to specialties of Buton Island. The drink dish that most visitors encounter is Saraba. Saraba is a typical Sulawesi drink made from ginger, sugar, honey and other natural spices.

This drink is a drink of pride as well as a typical drink for the people of Sulawesi, especially the Bau-Bau community. Saraba is similar to ginger root in Java, but it has a more distinctive aroma and a very strong taste because of its natural spices. Apart from being delicious, Saraba is also very effective in warming the body and relieving pain.

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7. Clear Sea Water

Although Kamali beach is not specifically for swimming because this beach is quite deep, especially for children, the charm of the sea water of Kamali beach is very enchanting. A strong, calm navy blue spread out as far as the eye can see. In the middle of the sea of ​​Kamali Beach, there are many ships, both transportation and fishing boats, ready to sail across the Kamali coast.

8. The Night Is Full of Sparkles

The night is the most appropriate night to visit Kamali Beach. At night, many people, especially young people, visit the beach. Along the Kamali Beach there are brightly colored lights that add to the sparkle of the beach in the middle of the city of Bau-bau. This beach will turn into a very fun hangout at night.

In addition, the large number of traders selling at the eastern night market makes the atmosphere of Kamali beach even more exciting to explore. There are many sellers who sell their wares ranging from food, drinks, to clothes. Many people in Bau-Bau City deliberately visit Kamali Beach with their families to spend the night.

Moreover, when the night of the week comes, if lucky visitors can find street performances such as mini music concerts or a group of people playing a beautiful musical instrument. The sparkling night of Kamali Beach is famous even abroad. Many foreign tourists come to Bau-Bau to enjoy the night atmosphere of Kamali beach.

After reading at a glance about the attractiveness and charm of Kamali Beach, of course there is nothing wrong if one day you visit Southeast Sulawesi, especially Buton Island to visit Kamali beach which is in the center of Bau-Bau City. Kamali Beach presents a beautiful blend of human creation and God’s complementary creation.


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