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About an hour and a half from Palu at a speed of 60 km / hour, traveling in the direction ofasang Kayu. The location is in Central Banawa District, Donggala Regency. From the main road junction, about 40 minutes of leisurely stroll.

Head towards the Sea Center.
The entrance is paved and smooth. Yesterday came here using Avanza and it’s safe. There is also a vehicle in front of us, Agya’s car, but it also penetrates here. Only Agya is not recommended for now if you go to the Sea Center. To the center of the sea, the road is a little worse and some points are a bit extreme.

Best Place for Sunset.
If you are a sunset hunter, I really recommend Kaluku beach. Wide beach, sand, and the waves really amazing. I really love it.

There are cafes and many gazebos also around the beach.
What’s important too, free parking. Heheh.
If you come here, take care of the trash huh …

#nolittering #noplastic
Explore and go ahead.



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