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Jumiang Beach Tourism, located in Pamekasan, is one of the tourist attractions in Tanjung Village, Pademawu District, Pamekasan Regency, East Java Province. This beach is one of the tourist spots that is busy with tourists from various regions on weekdays or holidays. This beach comes with a different sensation and attracts the attention of tourists.

This beach in Pamekasan comes with the charm of natural beauty which is very interesting to visit. Thus, when you are in Pamekasan or have plans to visit Pamekasan, don’t forget to take the time to come to this Jumiang beach. So that the Instagram feed is more attractive.

Entrance ticket prices at Jumiang Beach

After knowing the location and attraction, now is the time for us to find out how much the entrance fee for this Jumiang Pamekasan beach entrance fee. In general, the price of admission to the location of a tourist spot differs between holidays and weekdays.

However, this is not the case at Jumiang beach. Even though you come on a holiday, the ticket price is the same when you come on a weekday, which is enough to pay IDR 3,000 for each person. Cheap enough and won’t leave the bag empty, right?

As written above, if the location of Jumiang Beach is in Tanjung Village, Pademawu District, Pamekasan Regency, East Java Province. However, if you are still confused about finding the location, or finding the location of this Jumiang Pamekasan beach tour, then you can use the Google Maps application. The location is marked on Google Maps so you can follow the existing route to get to the beach location.

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Tourism Object on Jumiang Beach

1. White Sand

Jumiang Beach, is one of the tourist objects that must be visited because it has several special attractions. This beach turns out to have its own uniqueness that makes it different from other beaches. Jumiang Beach not only has white sand but is also on a hilly plateau.

2. Beautiful cliff objects

As in the first point earlier, this Jumiang beach not only presents white sand. On the other hand, there are beautiful towering cliffs that make a special attraction for tourists.

3. Beautiful Waves

The waves crashing now produce a very beautiful sensation. Jumiang Beach is very suitable for taking pictures because it has a beautiful view and the trees are shady and cool.

4. Unique Myths

There is a myth that develops in society if a lover comes to Jumiang beach, their relationship will not last long. But that is just a myth because there are still many pairs of lovers who come to this place.

In addition, Jumiang beach also has another feature, namely there are lots of cactus plants that you can find near the beach area. If you are on a cliff, you can also see some cactus plants growing, but not as many as those under the cliff.

5. See the Sunset

Sunset is one of the things that many tourists hunt when visiting a beach. This is also done by tourists who visit Jumiang Pamekasan beach.

The tourists will not waste the beautiful sunset on the beach. Even though it is not as beautiful as the scenery on the beach which specifically presents Sunset, the charm of the beauty of the sunset on Jumiang beach is also very fitting for you to enjoy and capture. For that, as a tourist, don’t forget not to watch the beautiful sunset on this Jumiang beach, it’s guaranteed that you will feel at home for a long time here.

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6. Enjoying Culinary Around the Beach

Culinary is one of the attractions of a tourist spot. On this Jumiang beach, there are several culinary tours that you can taste together with your loved ones or friends. You can get seafood such as seafood at Jumiang beach.

For this reason, when you are on vacation to Jumiang beach, don’t forget to enjoy the culinary tours around Jumiang beach.

7. Photo Hunting

The next interesting activity you can do on Jumiang beach is photo hunting. This one place is perfect for looking for the best photo moments because it is a beautiful and attractive location. For that, if you come to Jumiang Beach, don’t forget to do photo hunting.

The variety of activities and attractions on Jumiang Beach will certainly be an experience for those of you who are on vacation there. Don’t forget to take your loved ones when on vacation!


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