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If you have an adventurous spirit and like to do recreation to various Indonesians, you can just take the time to be able to visit the beaches in Bali. These beaches have their own characteristics, but this time we will discuss about Jimbaran Beach.

Entrance ticket prices at Jimbaran Beach

If you are stopping by in Bali, don’t forget to visit this beach, namely Jimbaran Beach. This location has natural beauty that can be said to be very enchanting and there are many activities that can be done in this place. However, the most amazing thing is that even though it is always crowded, to enter this beach you will not be charged a tariff at all. So shortly after arriving visitors will be able to immediately enter the location and enjoy the beauty of this beach

For tourists visiting Denpasar, you should not miss the opportunity to be able to visit Jimbaran Beach which can be reached in less than 30 minutes. More precisely, only 10 to 15 minutes from Ngurah Rai Airport. The way to get to this place is from Ngurah Rai International Airport and take the Ngurah Rai Airport road. Then after meeting the T-junction, you have to change the direction of the vehicle by turning right towards Jalan By Pass Ngurah Rai. Follow it along the path until you meet an intersection. After meeting the intersection, turn right to Jalan Pemelisan Agung. Follow the road until it reaches the end and park your vehicle there. After that to go to the beach you can walk along the lips of Jimbaran Beach. When you arrive, you will find Jimbaran Beach Café.

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Tourism Object on Jimbaran Beach

Arriving at this beach, of course there are lots of activities that can be done, such as shopping for fish at low prices or eating it directly.

1. Fish Tourism

This beach is included in the beach with a fairly large number of visitors. On this beach, visitors can find a lot of fishermen, making it easy to get fresh fish in this place. In addition, it is easy for visitors to find a restaurant on this beach. The number of fishermen on this beach is due more to the fact that there are many local people who work as fishermen in the Bali Sea since ancient times. This profession has been continuously carried out until there have been many tourist attractions in the region.

2. Enjoying the Beautiful Sunset While Eating Food

Even though it is crowded with many people, this place is still very beautiful and clean. This can be realized thanks to the cooperation between visitors and cleaners at the place. The tourists who visit this place are very disciplined in maintaining cleanliness. After that, while waiting for the sun to set, you can order various kinds of food that are available at the place. When the sun begins to set and makes gradations in the sky, it is advisable to take a photo session to capture these precious moments with your friends or family. It is recommended to bring a camera along with a spare battery when visiting this place. This beach is indeed famous for its crowds of domestic and foreign visitors who will start arriving in the afternoon, so the night this place will become even more crowded. Most of the visitors aim to find dinner at this place. In other words, visitors will be spoiled with views of the sea while eating their food. This beach is never empty of tourists.

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3. Unlimited Seafood Culinary Tour

For those of you who do not have a seafood allergy, it is highly recommended to taste the existing variations. The variety of seafood dishes is very diverse and has a very extraordinary taste. The seafood variations include squid, prawns, shellfish, various kinds of fish which are almost all grilled. When ordering a variety of seafood, don’t forget to order a variety of vegetable dishes at the café, such as vegetable plecing and variations of chili sauce. Remember to always eat a balance of both protein and fiber so that digestion remains healthy during the holidays. As for drinks, of course there are many variations of drinks that are sold. It’s just that the most popular is young coconut ice which is served complete with the shell. When you are ordering seafood, you can also order based on the weight determined by yourself. So you can choose fish and other seafood depending on the size and weight. But the thing to remember here is that the weight of the seafood will determine how much it costs. In other words, the heavier the seafood you choose, the more expensive it will be. It is highly recommended to eat food while waiting for the sunset at this place. Don’t forget to hurry up and order a place at the café that suits your style as soon as possible, because the cafes on Jimbaran Beach will become very crowded, especially when it’s getting late.


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