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If you are planning or even visiting Buru Island and looking for tourist destinations in this area. Then Jikumerasa Beach will be the first place to appear in search engines. The popularity of this beach is well known to many people, the distance is also not far from the center of Namlea City, which is only 27 Km away so it’s a shame to miss it.

Entering the area around the beach, you will immediately be greeted by waving coconut trees and a stretch of open ocean with bright light blue water. Surely this will immediately amaze the eyes and make anyone reluctant to leave. One more thing, if you come to Jikumerasa Beach, then don’t forget to taste the typical Moluccas-style salad.

Jikumerasa Beach Entrance Ticket Prices

If you visit on a weekday, aka not the holiday season, you won’t be charged a dime. Apart from its very strategic location, being right on the side of the main road from the Namlea route to Airbuaya, this place is also still managed by local residents. Of course this is a bonus in itself for tourists visiting Jikumerasa.

Jikumerasa Beach is located in Jikumerasa Village, Lilialy, Buru Island, Maluku. If you are visiting Buru Island, it is highly recommended to come here. If you come from the direction of Namlea City, the distance that you have to travel by using a motorized vehicle is only about 27 km, or approximately 1 hour. It is recommended that you bring a private vehicle.

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Tourism Object on Jikumerasa Beach

1. Romantic Dating

Jikumerasa Beach is indeed very popular among local people, especially for young people who spend the weekend hanging out in this place. Surely it is very romantic to be alone with your boyfriend accompanied by the sound of the waves and the view of the open sea, right? So, there is nothing wrong if you also come join.

2. Hunt for Sunrise

The phenomenon of the sunrise on the beach is indeed very amazing. If you happen to be in Namlea and confused about deciding you want hunting sunrise where, then you can make Jikumerasa Beach as the main choice. Sunrise here is famous for being very beautiful, because the sun does not come down directly but shines on the hill first.

3. Surfing

For lovers of water sports such as surfing or surfing, it is highly recommended to try their hand at Jikumerasa Beach. This place has quite high waves so it will definitely test the surfers’ adrenaline right away. In certain months, this beach can be full of surfers who come to surf.

4. Picnic

If you feel it is suitable as a picnic spot with your lover, friends, or family. The rows of coconut trees around the beach create a shady atmosphere. Not only that, the charm of very clear bluish sea water also seems to hypnotize visitors, so you are guaranteed to feel at home here.

5. Snorkeling

This beach is also quite good as a spot for exploring underwater activities such as snorkeling. However, because there is no equipment rental place, tourists must bring their own equipment. In addition, avoid snorkeling if you come from December to February, because usually the waves on this beach are very fierce.

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6. The phenomenon of Saltwater Lake

On this beach, you will be treated to a unique nature that is sure to make your eyes even more amazed. Namely the existence of a small lake, which when the tide is full of water. However, when the water recedes, the lake does not dry out. The color is also very beautiful, namely turqoise because of the effect of the green algae in it.

7. Fishing

In the afternoon, Jikumerasa will be filled with local children who are busy fishing in the coastal area. And of course, tourists are also allowed if they want to join. With the condition, you have to bring your own fishing equipment because there is no rental place here. Besides, you are free to come fishing.

8. Pre-wedding

The stretch of fine white sand on Jikumerasa Beach is indeed very supportive for the pre-wedding moment. Calm sea water with a charming blue color coupled with a hilly background, will definitely make the photos nicer and more impressive. Hence, it is very worth it for pre-wedding here.

For those of you who have plans for a vacation to Buru Island, don’t miss Jikumerasa Beach in your itinerary. Apart from enjoying the beauty of nature, of course there are various interesting activities that can be done here.


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