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Arriving at Jetis Beach at around 8.45, 16 Feb 2020. The sky is really bright again.

General impression: clean, waves are not too big, hot

Weaknesses: the shelters are not well managed.


1. Access road: already good. After entering towards the beach, the road has been blocked. Smooth.

2. Cleanliness: overall clean from trash. Either because it is kept clean or indeed (if seen from the number of visitors earlier) it has not been visited much.

3. Facilities: there are public bathrooms / toilets which are properly guarded by the owner (paying); small musala; several points of parking space.

4. Price of admission: Rp. 2000, – (per person); IDR 6,000 car park

5. Access to food and beverages: there are already food and beverage traders (heavy meals, coconut ice, cilok, et al).

6.The funny thing: there is a water shower in the middle of the sand area, as if it was deliberately made for the purposes of rinsing the body (open shower model, so don’t take a shower freely, huh )

7. Can be found: horse rental, beach motorbike rental (what’s the name… Hehe)

What if invited to come here again? Mauuuuu … Cussss …


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