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Jayanti Beach is one of the mainstay beach resorts in Cianjur regency. Even though it is not as well known as other tourist objects in Cianjur, this beach promises a beautiful beach charm and there is definitely nothing to lose if you visit this beach.

This beach is located on Jl Pantai Jayanti, Cidamar, Cidaun, Cianjur Regency, West Java. Access is quite easy and not too far from the capital city of Jakarta. So it is highly recommended for those of you Jakarta residents who want to vacation to exotic beaches but don’t have a long vacation time.

Entrance ticket prices at Jayanti Beach

The price of admission at Jayanti Beach is relatively cheap. For motorbikes, the ticket price is IDR 5,000 per motorbike while for cars it is IDR 15,000 per car. Very cheap but that does not mean the attractions offered are not good.

Various supporting facilities have also been added to improve service and visitor satisfaction. This requires cooperation from local residents with the community to further advance this tourist attraction.

Indeed, so far Jayanti beach still looks very beautiful and has not been too touched by the tourism industry. However, it cannot be denied that every tourist attraction still needs an industrial touch to improve existing facilities and services.

However, it must still pay attention to the ecological and social conditions so that the surrounding community can still feel the benefits both economically and in other ways due to the presence of Jayanti beach.

Towards Jayanti beach, there are several path options that you can access either using private vehicles or public transportation. Transportation options according to your wishes and comfort. Here are some route options to Jayanti beach:

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1. From Jabodetabek

If you come from Jakarta, Bogor, Bekasi, Depok and its surroundings, you can use the route option Cianjur-Cibeber- Sukanagara- Tanggeng- Sindangbarang- Cidaun- Jayanti Port.

This route can be used or taken by private vehicle, but if you are an adventurer or backpacker who relies on public transportation you can use the bus route option to the Pasirhayam terminal-Cidaun Terminal.

However, from the last terminal you still need to change transportation and still need to cover a distance of about 4 KM. But take it easy, there is a choice of vehicles, both village transportation and motorcycle taxis that can take you to the beach or the nearest stop.

2. From Garut-Pamengpeuk-Santolo

If you live in or are located around Garut, Pamengpeuk, and Santolo you can use the route option Garut-Pamengpeuk-Santolo-Rancabuaya-Cidaun- Jayanti Beach. Apart from Garut, tourists from Tasikmalaya, Ciamis, and Garut are certainly right to choose this second route option.

3. From Bandung

If you come from Bandung and its surroundings, you can use the route option Ciwidey- Rancabali- Naringgul- Cidaun- Pantai Jayanti. Beautiful trails but requires extra care.

If you don’t use a private vehicle, you can take public transportation from Ciwidey terminal towards Cidaun.

Those were the various route options that you can use. Adjust the route you choose to the closest distance from where you start or your home. Comfort and safety are things that must be prioritized on vacation. So also adjust the route options to your driving skills.

In addition, make sure your vehicle is in the best condition when traveling long distances, so that unwanted things do not occur while traveling

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Tourism Object on Jayanti Beach

When at Jayanti Beach, what can we do? What makes Jayanti Beach different from other beaches? Maybe these questions also overshadow you when choosing Jayanti beach as a vacation spot. Here are the charms of Jayanti beach that will make you no longer doubt:

1. Including the Exotic South Coast

Jayanti Beach is included in the south coast area. As we know the south coast with its characteristics with big waves and strong currents. Indeed, this beach is not recommended for swimming activities.

But where else can you enjoy the hard waves that hit the high rocks, causing splashes of water as if there was local rain. Exotic right?

2. The myth of Jayanti Beach

On the south side of the beach, there is an area which the community calls the lily rock beach where the local people think that Prabu Siliwangi and Kian Santang have stopped there. There is a large footprint on one of the stones there which is considered to be Prabu Siliwangi’s foot.

Believe it or not, what is clear is that the mythology has long developed in the community and is increasingly unique to Jayanti Beach.

3. Small Wharf and Fishermen’s Life

On one side of the beach there is a part that protrudes and is used by fishermen to get in and out of boats to go to sea. The community calls it “Lawang”. In the Javanese language Lawang means door. The naming corresponds to its function as a small pier where fishermen come and go to go to sea.

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4. Sunset Beach

Jayanti Beach is a favorite spot for tourists to see the sunset, because the sunset on this beach is quite beautiful.

5. Black and Brown Sand Beach

The characteristic of Jayanti beach is its black and brown sand with a rather large grain of the beach.

6. Exploring to the Sea in a Fishing Boat

If you want to explore the sea around Jayanti beach, you can rent a boat. However, because the waves are a little high, still prioritize your safety.

7. Instgramable beaches

Jayanti Beach with all its uniqueness is the perfect place to take pictures. There are several instagramable and great spots to customize your online gallery on Instagram

That was a review about the charm of Jayanti beach. You can start scheduling the places you will visit during the holidays. And don’t forget to make Jayanti beach one of your vacation lists.


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