Introducing Tirta Alami Malibo Anai, Umbul Ponggok Padang Pariaman

Introducing Tirta Alami Malibo Anai Umbul Ponggok Padang Pariaman - Introducing Tirta Alami Malibo Anai, Umbul Ponggok Padang Pariaman
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Travel Blog Indonesia – A traveler from Sumatra who wants to feel the freshness of the pennant of Ponggok Klaten and a number of springs in Sumedang and Subang, don’t need to go far to Java. This Malimbo Anai Natural Tirta Bath has clear and cool water. The baths in Anai Resort have lots of trees, making it even more cool to feel like being in the countryside.

The location is in the Anai Valley, and its popularity is well known to residents from within and outside the region. If you feel tired and tired, there’s nothing wrong with feeling the freshness of this Tirta Alami water to refresh your body. Even though the human hand design has touched it, the natural impression is still maintained so as not to damage the natural atmosphere.

Peaceful Tirta Anai, Anyone Will Return Here

The location of this Tirta Anai bath is in Malibo Anai, Kayu Tanam District, Padang Pariaman Regency. If taken by vehicle from Padang, it takes about 1.5 hours to 2 hours. The distance that must be taken from the city of Padang to Anai Resort is about 60 kilometers. Apart from having natural baths sourced from springs, Anai Resort is also a golf playground in the Anai Valley.

Refreshing Scenery

The path to the Anai Valley will also present Kalia with green views on the coast. You will definitely linger seeing it. Even though you are stuck in traffic, you can still feel the cool air of the Anai Valley. It seems like an experience waiting for traffic jams at Puncak Cisarua Bogor. What is clear, you can get a view like this when you go to Anai Resort Lembah Anai.

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Travel Destinations That Are Suitable For Families

The pool in Tirta Alami has been divided according to the depth of each pool. The adult and children’s pool areas are separated and marked. This natural swimming pool is different from other public baths because the architecture of the pool follows the surrounding environment which is deliberately designed naturally with river stones. The rural atmosphere is very thick. You will be chilled to feel the freshness of this Tirta Alami Malibo Anai pool.

Clear and Clear Expanse of Freshness

Anai Resort does not only provide natural pool facilities. But there are also other facilities for those who like outbound. This tourist spot is fairly complete because various convenient facilities are available. The existence of stalls will not starve you. If you want to rent tires for your little one, it has also been provided. If you want to bring supplies from home it is not prohibited. You can picnic with your family in this Tirta Alami Bathing Place in Malibo Anai Padang Pariaman.

The waterfall in this bath is an artificial waterfall. You can enter behind the waterfall spill. Besides being unique, you can also capture it with several photos and can be displayed on Instagram. With a unique angle, no one will know if the waterfall is an artificial waterfall.

Apart from Anai Resort, a tourist destination that you can visit is Puncak Anai. Although not completely free, there is a fee charged.

Guide to Natural Tirta Malibo Anai Padang Pariaman
iframe> - Introducing Tirta Alami Malibo Anai, Umbul Ponggok Padang Pariaman

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