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Yogyakarta or ‘Jogja’ is not only a city with a million history, culture, and arts, but the City of Gudeg has many tourist destinations that are able to attract many tourists, both local and foreign. One of the tours that has become the main choice of tourists to spend vacation time is the beach.

There are dozens of beaches in Gunung Kidul that can be chosen by tourists for a vacation, ranging from beaches that are still black sand to white sand. White sandy beaches can be found in the Gunungkidul area, Wonosari, Yogyakarta. Meanwhile, black sand beaches can be found in the southern city of Jogja, namely in the Bantul area.

One of the white sandy beaches which until now is not empty of visitors is Indrayanti Beach or also known as Pulang Sawal Beach.

This beach is the only beach that is always crowded with tourists from various regions and even countries. Indrayanti Beach will be crowded with visitors when it enters the weekend, but on weekdays it is no less crowded.

Price of admission

Indrayanti Beach is a beach in Jogja that must be visited to spend the weekend with family, friends, or even as a gathering place with colleagues. Beautiful scenery mixed with the roar of the waves there will combine with the fresh atmosphere of the beach area.

The entrance ticket to the Indrayanti Beach area is very affordable, which is IDR 15,000 per person and you have to pay a vehicle parking ticket of IDR 4,000 for two wheels and IDR 15,000 for four wheels.

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To get to the location of Indrayanti Beach, it can be reached by driving approximately 2 hours from the city of Yogyakarta. The distance traveled as far as 70 km can be via two routes, namely:

  1. Via Jalan Wonosari: Ringroad Timur Jogja-Piyungan-Patuk-Wonosari-Karangrejek-Hargosari-Tepus-follow the directions to Indrayanti Beach
  2. Via Jalan Imogiri: Siluk-Panggang-Saptosari-Trowono-Baron-to the east take towards Pulang Syawal / Indrayanti Beach

From the two route options above, you can choose according to your current location. However, if you are a tourist from outside Jogja who wants to visit Indrayanti Beach, from Adi Sutjipto Airport, you can choose the route via Jalan Imogiri.

Interesting thing

The ticket price is not only the price for entering the Indrayanti area, but you can access all beaches in the Gunungkidul area, Wonosari. Only by paying IDR 15,000, you can get around the entire area of ​​Tepus Village, Kec. Tepus, this Gunungkidul.

Several beach tourism destinations that can be visited and are still in the same area as Indrayanti Beach:

  1. Sepanjang Beach
  2. Ngandong Beach
  3. Sundak Beach
  4. Sadranan Beach
  5. Omadeng Beach
  6. Drini Beach
  7. Jogan Beach
  8. Jungwok Beach
  9. Nglambor Beach
  10. Greweng Beach
  11. Gesing Beach
  12. Pok Tunggal Beach

Each beach in the Gunungkidul area has its own advantages and disadvantages. Usually, tourists who want to visit the beach in Gunungkidul are not enough to visit just one beach. For example, in one day tourists can go around three beaches or even four beaches and look for beaches that are close to each other.

Like from Indrayanti Beach, tourists can visit Sadranan beach which is both located in the East area of ​​Gunungkidul. There, besides being used for snorkeling, Sadranan Beach can also be used to see the moment of the annual tradition, namely Nyadran. However, if you are a tourist who wants to choose a beach that has a myriad of facilities, you should choose Indrayanti Beach.

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Among the several beaches in Gunungkidul, Indrayanti Beach is indeed the one that really attracts visitors. This beach is famous for its cleanliness and has complete facilities. Some of the facilities referred to include:

1. Beach umbrella

You can rent a beach umbrella complete with a base for only around IDR 20,000. Usually beach umbrellas are installed on the beach while enjoying the sight and sound of the waves.

2. Jet sky

For those of you who like to play jet sky, you can take advantage of the jet sky motorbike rental service for IDR 250,000 to the beach manager and play for 15 minutes.

3. Children’s games

This facility is provided by the beach management to anticipate children who are vulnerable to boredom for free. So for those of you who want to come on vacation with your children, don’t worry, because Indrayanti Beach provides many facilities that make tourists feel at home there.

4. Gazebo

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To rent a gazebo, the price is around Rp. 30,000, – which can be used to gather with relatives, family and friends while enjoying the beauty of the beach with the snacks they bring.

5. A prayer room

There is also a prayer room facility provided for prayer services for Muslim visitors

6. Toilet

The price of using the toilet to urinate and change clothes is IDR 2,000 and IDR 5,000 for defecating and bathing.


For visitors who don’t have time to bring food, don’t worry because the Indrayanti Beach area has various culinary ranges from cafes to restaurants that can be chosen. The price is quite friendly, starting from IDR 10,000 to IDR 100,000 depending on the menu you choose. The menu offered is not only seafood, but also local food such as fried rice, soup, penyetan, and many more.

This beach has a beach label with a million facilities by visitors, especially visitors who often come to Indrayanti Beach. There are also often used to hunt sunset or sunset.

The increasing number of years, the more changes provided by the manager of this Indrayanti Beach. Currently, a new breakthrough given is the presence of a homestay in front of the beach area. The number of bamboo homestays currently available is only around 6-7, and these are usually used by several families who want to stay overnight.

So for those of you who come from out of town and bring your family or relatives, you don’t need to look for lodging outside the beach area, just reserve a homestay in front of the beach. However, ordering this homestay should not be as sudden as possible, because it is to anticipate when it has been ordered by someone else.

Apart from the various facilities provided, Indrayanti Beach also has a unique regulation which is guaranteed not to be owned by other tourist attractions. This regulation is in the form of not littering in beach, sea, or restaurant areas located in one area. There will be many beach managers passing by, and if you are seen littering you will be subject to a charge of IDR 10,000.

This regulation was made by local beach managers to anticipate that tourists can wisely maintain the cleanliness of the beach and the beauty of the beach. This is also done so that all feel comfortable, both managers and tourists, to get their rights together. So, enjoy your vacation and keep our natural beauty!


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