In the past, a carpet washer, now one Instagram post is paid Rp.100 million

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Travel Blog Indonesia – The young couple Jack Morris and his girlfriend Lauren Bullen have become a phenomenon as one of the successful Instagram celebrities who often travels around the world. For one picture posting on Instagram, both of them get paid enough to live for one year in Indonesia.

Both of them now just have to enjoy life by posting their trips around the world while getting increased account coffers through cool photos on Instagram as reported from businessinsider on Wednesday (5/4/2017)

Who doesn’t envy the life of this Instagram celebrity couple. Even the two of them often show off their romantic relationship on the Instagram page against the backdrop of exotic places that are anti-mainstream. Combined, the two of them now have around 3 million followers on Instagram. No wonder it is called one of the most successful Instagram celebrity couples today.

This couple come from different countries. Apart from being an Instagram celebrity, Morris from Manchester also manages a travel blog “Do You Travel” while Bullen is a native Australian who is also a travel writer writing on his personal blog “Gypsea Lust”.

Their romantic story stems from their meeting in Fiji when they collaborated. The couple, who just celebrated their anniversary two weeks ago, lives on the island of the Gods, Bali.

Morris told the media that he was paid around $ 9,000 US dollars for a photo post on his Instagram, while Bullen set a price of $ 7,500 US dollars. Morris said that he was very strict when it came to pricing, he would not compromise again and at least set a price tag of around $ 3,000.

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If converted into rupiah, on average Morris and Bullen get Rp. 100 million in revenue for one photo post on their Instagram. The pay for one Instagram post can be enough to live in Indonesia with a very decent life without having to work hard.

Morris shared that he was paid up to $ 35,000 US dollars for one TVC and five posts on Instagram. Approximately around IDR 466 million rupiah. Wow, it’s really good life for both. No wonder many couples are jealous of what Morris and Bullen got.

The success of Morris and Bullen did not happen overnight. What’s interesting is that Morris used to work as a carpet cleaner before finally deciding to travel to Bangkok and that’s where his journey started.

Meanwhile, Bullen is a self-taught photographer. The two finally met in Fiji in March 2016 and decided to have a relationship together and manage their Instagram by sharing photos of their travels that singles envy.

One of Morris’s messages to become a beginner travel blogger, “Don’t plan too much. If you want to go backpacking, immediately book a one-way flight ticket and book a hotel for your first night. Be social and meet new people. “

Dare to take his advice and do it?

iframe> - In the past, a carpet washer, now one Instagram post is paid Rp.100 million


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