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Iboih Beach (read: Iboh) is one of several beaches that have become excellent among the backpacker community on Pulau Weh. This beach is one of the destinations for travelers from various parts of the world. It is not surprising that when we visit this beach it is dominated by foreign tourists who stay for weeks … Iboih Beach is actually officially named “Teupin Layeu”, but it is better known as Iboih Beach. Iboih Beach offers all the underwater beauty that we can enjoy without even having to swim. Not a few tourists state the beauty of Iboih Beach, the Iboih protected forest has a charming coastline with golden sand and large stacked rocks. It is no exaggeration if this protected forest is described as a paradise park, because for some tourists, this is a picture of a real “play” park. The shallow bottom of the ocean radiated a bluish green, even radiating peace. The curves of the coast are like smiling lips welcoming the traveler to feel the warmth of a tropical rainforest that is encrusted with a wealth of Indonesian flora and fauna. Here there are many boats belonging to residents that can be rented to get around the island or just to see the dots to explore the underwater beauty around Rubiah Island. The boats that are generally available consist of small boats and large boats. For those of us who cannot swim, large boats are generally equipped with glass windows that face the bottom and can be used to see the underwater beauty from the boat. But for those of you who want to snorkel and dive, you can rent snorkeling equipment at a price of IDR 40,000 per person and the equipment that can be used is a float, a snorkling master, and a frog’s leg. For those of you who want to enjoy the underwater world more freely, you can rent diving equipment at the same time accompanied by a guide by paying IDR 400,000 per person or 25 Euros for foreign tourists … Iboih is only about 1 hour drive from Sabang or from Balohan Port. It costs around IDR 50,000 or more for each person and can even be cheaper if you are together with other tourists.

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