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The beach is a tourist destination that is never boring, even though you have visited it many times. If you visit Ambon Island, take the time to visit one of the beaches there. Ambon is an island surrounded by the Banda Sea. With this geographical position, this island has many amazing beaches.

Hukurila Beach is one of the beaches that borders Ambon Island with the Banda Sea. This beach stretches towards the East with brown sand with stones that adorn the shoreline, there are black sand deposits which are thought to be the result of volcanic activity in the local area. This beach has several interesting objects under the sea with a combination of marine life and rocks that form in the sea.

Entrance ticket prices at Hukurila Beach

The retribution fee that you have to pay is nothing compared to the beauty that you will get under the sea of ​​Hukurila Beach. You can enjoy its natural charm by diving or snorkeling at a cost of Rp. 15,000 – Rp. 25,000, with this price you will get a short diving training in the sea not including the diving equipment. You can get diving equipment by renting from a beach manager.

You can find Hukurila Beach in Leitimur District. You can access the road to the beach by using public or private transportation. The distance of 15 km from the city center to the beach only costs IDR 5,000 using public transportation from Mardika Terminal. You can also access the road via Batu Meja, which is 12 km from Hukurila Hamlet. Another road that can be reached is through Batu Gong which is 18 km to Hukurila Hamlet.

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Attractions on Hukurila Beach

1. Landscape Coral Reefs

When you arrive at the beach, you can immediately enjoy the waves from the Banda Sea hitting the coral reefs. Hukurila Beach is composed of rocks that stretch across the beach, brown sand mixed with rounded boulders crashing to fill the shoreline. If you walk a little further out to sea, you will find a rock with small fish.

2. Underwater Cave

One of the interesting things about Hukurila Beach is the charm of an underwater cave that is formed by rocks, in the cave you can enjoy the beauty of the coral ecosystem with small, colorful fish. To be able to reach the cave, you have to take a speedboat or fishing boat then you have to dive inside.

This cave as deep as 20 meters below the face has several entrances, one of which is a small gap with a width of 3 meters so it looks creepy from the outside, but once you enter the cave you will be immediately greeted by beautiful reefs.

3. Diving and Snorkeling

A beautiful underwater cave is an object that you must find when you visit, to access the road to the cave, you can hire a coach for diving and snorkeling so that you understand how to dive when heading to an underwater cave.

4. Speed ​​Boat Around the Island

Besides being used to take tourists to access the road to an underwater cave, you can also ask the beach manager to take you along the island by speedboat. You can see the natural charm around the beach that is different from other beaches.

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5. Sunrise

The location of Hukurila Beach that faces east is one of the advantages for those of you who like the view of the rising sun. You can do beach camp or you can rent a villa around the beach to wait for the sun to come. After the sun appears, you can bask to get vitamin D intake.

6. Photography

Increasingly sophisticated technology has made it easier for us to fulfill our desire to expose the natural charms of the underwater world. You can do a photo shoot under the sea to show the ecosystem in the cave. In addition, the beauty on the surface in the form of rocks with pounding waves can also be an interesting view to be immortalized.

Many people use these places for pre-wedding or endorse photoshoots of a product.

7. Culinary

Tourism that is always sought after for the characteristics of an area is culinary tourism. You can look for Ambon Island specialties around Hukurila Beach. Lots of grilled fish, smoked fish, yellow fish and papeda, as well as typical Ambon coffee, namely sibu sibu coffee and rarobang coffee. Rarobang coffee is coffee with a mixture of ginger which is delicious eaten with pulut siram, koyabu and peanut embal.

Hukurila Beach is one of the tourist destinations that you must visit while on Ambon Island. Apart from the charm of the beach in the form of an underwater cave, the special food will also not disappoint. When visiting the beach, you must pay attention to safety because the rocks on the beach are limestone, so during the rainy season it will be very slippery and can make you slip when passing.

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