How to Make a Taiwan Visa Online

Travel Blog Indonesia For most Indonesians, perhaps they will know more about Taiwan as one of the destinations for TKI and TKW. Well, even though this one country is also one of the cool vacation destinations, you know!

Unfortunately, to enter Taiwan, Indonesian citizens must use a visa. Even so, making a Taiwan visa for Indonesians is easy, and hassle-free. Moreover, Indonesians who still hold visas for Canada, UK (UK), Australia, US (United States), New Zealand, Schengen Europe, and Japan can apply for a Taiwan Visa online. However, the visas must be still active, yes, traveler friends.

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Ada banyak tempat wisata yang bisa dikunjungi di Taiwan - How to Make a Taiwan Visa Online

Apart from applying for a Taiwan Visa online it is quite easy, a Taiwan Visa that is filed online on line can be valid for one month of stay and can be used many times in a month. Indeed the type of visa is multiple entry visa. To make a Taiwan visa on line For Indonesians, just go to this address:

The process of making a Taiwan visa on line quite fast and easy. After opening the URL, select Indonesia, then the process will be shown flow chart apply for a visa on line. After that, complete regulations will appear regarding the complete Taiwan online visa requirements as follows:

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Alur pembuatan visa taiwan secara Online - How to Make a Taiwan Visa Online

Examination on line visit to Taiwan, for 5 Asian countries

Residents of 5 (five) countries: Indonesia, India, Thailand, Vietnam and the Philippines, who wish to visit Taiwan, can apply for an Authorization Certificate for Visit Taiwan via the Application On line, by fulfilling the following terms and conditions:

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I. Main terms: (according to the following conditions)

  • Passport, with a validity period of more than 6 (six) months. It is calculated when entering Taiwan, not when applying for an application On line.
  • Return ticket, or have a travel ticket out of Taiwan, plane / boat tickets.
  • Never been a foreign labor, manual labor (TKI) in Taiwan.

II. Special terms: (has one of the following conditions)

Have one of the valid Travel Documents from the countries of America, Canada, UK, Japan, Australia, New Zealand & the European Schengen Agreement, in the form of:

(1) Permanent Resident Card or
(2) Valid Visas / Visit Permits (including, Electronic Visa / e-Visa, single entry visas that have been used, with conditions described in sub III, provisions that must be considered, no.6)
(one of the 2 (two) documents, must be presented at the time of immigration inspection to enter Taiwan, for those who cannot show the document, cannot enter Taiwan)

III. Conditions that must be considered:

  1. The validity period of the Taiwan Entry Permit Certificate (Authorization Certificate for Visit) is 30 (thirty) days, and 7 (seven) days before the expiration date can apply for a new one; within the validity period may make several trips (Multiple).
  2. If there is an incorrect data entry, please immediately submit a new application.
  3. Only valid for official passports, not valid for temporary passports / SPLP, emergency passports, unofficial passports or other travel documents.
  4. Only applies to official visas, does not apply to work permit visas (working permit) or other similar documents.
  5. For those who have a permanent residence permit (Permanent Resident) without any notes on the validity period, when filling in the validity period, please fill in: year [9999] month [12] day [31].
  6. For those who have a one-way visit permit (Single Entry Visa) which have been used, from countries according to the provisions above, can still stop in to Taiwan, with the following conditions: after entering the destination country of the visa held, when leaving the country they do not immediately return to Indonesia, but stop by in Taiwan. Apart from that, when entering Taiwan, that country’s Visa is still valid.
  7. It is recommended to use a printing machine / laser printer, to print CERTIFICATE AUTHORIZATION.

Read carefully the rules and conditions for making a Taiwan visa online On line, then click next and complete personal data such as passport data, valid visa number and personal data. After that the visa is immediately ready and free of charge alias FREE.

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Form yang harus diisi untuk mengajukan Visa Tawian secara online - How to Make a Taiwan Visa Online

Meanwhile, for those who cannot meet the requirements for a Taiwan visa on line, traveler friends can apply for a visa in Jakarta offline. The visa will be ready in approximately 5 working days. Meanwhile, the documents that must be prepared are as follows:

  • Original passport (old & new, validity period above 6 months)
  • 4 × 6 color photo, on white background (2 sheets)
  • Sponsor letter / employment certificate from the office
  • Photocopy of Birth Certificate
  • Copy of Name Change (if any)
  • Copy of financial evidence (last 3 months)
  • Copy of SIUP (if owner)
  • Copy of Family Card

If everything is complete, you can proceed by filling out the online application form:, select the General Visa Applications.

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What is unique, because Indonesia adheres to a system One China Policy which means that it only recognizes one state of China, namely mainland China, so Indonesia and China Taiwan do not have diplomatic relations at all. Neither Taiwan nor Indonesia have an embassy or consulate in their respective countries. So applying for a visa that you can take care of yourself, you can come to the Taipei Economic and Trade Office (TETO) whose address is at:

Artha Graha Building, 17th Floor
Jl. Jend. Sudirman Kav. 52-53
South Jakarta
Tel: (021) 515 1111


  1. Schedule for visa arrangements Monday to Friday.
  2. Application submission schedule: 08.30 – 11.30.
  3. Visa Collection Schedule: 13.30 – 16.00.
  4. Fees Temporary fees for visas single entry Rp. 650,000 and multiple entry Rp. 1,300,000.

* One family only needs 1 account and KK at the head of the family.

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Note: There are many flights to Taiwan from Jakarta, you can choose from the most economical to the most comfortable according to traveler friends.


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