How to make a new passport 2018 via WhatsApp

Travel Blog Indonesia – Making a new 2018 passport via WhatsApp is actually an alternative that can be used if you have difficulty getting queuing quotas by using an online passport application.

Moreover, registration is also very easy when compared to using an online passport application which was known to have fictitious registrations of up to thousands of accounts.

Fortunately, Immigration found out about it immediately and deleted all fictitious accounts so as not to interfere with services that wanted to make new passports or passport extensions.

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How to Get a Passport Queue Number via Whatsapp

To register the passport queue via WhatsApp, first determine where you will take care of your passport. Make sure that the Immigration office you are referring to does provide services for getting queue numbers through the WhatsApp conversation application.

Then write down the number and follow the directions. One example, for example, the Bogor Class 1 Immigration Office opens the Whatsapp Gateway Service via 0811-1100-333.

First save the number on your cellphone. Then after that do registration by typing,

# NAME # Date of Birth # Date of Arrival

For example, type # Agus # 25011988 # 07082018 then send to 08111100333

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Wait a few moments until you get a reply in the form of an approval code. Now this approval code must be re-entered if the schedule given is in accordance with your wishes to get the booking code and schedule for making an online passport in 2018.

If it turns out that on the day you want the quota is not available, it means you have to start over again until you get a queue quota for making a new 2018 passport via WhatsApp.

If the queue quota is still available, you will get a reply in the form of your identity such as your WA number, full name, date of birth, service date schedule and approval code for making a new 2018 passport via WhatsApp.

If the service date is correct, please reply back with the approval number listed as confirmation that you can indeed attend according to the predetermined schedule. Try to come 30 minutes before the scheduled schedule.

After that, you will get another reply in the form of the booking code and identity that you entered earlier. Remember, save the booking code properly. If necessary, you can write it down on a piece of paper as an anticipation if it turns out that your cellphone is damaged unexpectedly.

Keep in mind that the Whatsapp Gateway Service does not serve damaged or lost passports. So, make sure to use the correct path.

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Complete Requirements for a New Passport 2018

  • Identity Card (E-KTP / Certificate of Record E-KTP from Disdukcapil)
  • Family Card according to E-KTP
  • Birth Certificate / Diploma (SD / SMP / SMA / S1) / Marriage Certificate (Must have clear data on the place and date of birth) Bring everything as a precaution if needed so you don’t go back and forth to the house.
  • A letter of name change from the court if the name has been changed.
  • Photocopy of each requirement using A4 paper including E-KTP

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2018 New Passport Requirements for Children (under 17 years)

  • Parents’ E-KTP (Father and Mother) / Parent’s E-KTP Record Certificate from Disdukcapil
  • Family Card according to Parents’ E-KTP
  • Child’s Birth Certificate
  • Marriage Certificate of Parents (Marriage Book of Husband / Wife)
  • Parent’s Passport (If any)
  • If the parents are divorced, include a divorce certificate and a custody certificate from the court or competent authority
  • All photocopies of each using A4 paper including E-KTP of both parents separately.

Requirements for New Passport Extension 2018 via Whatsapp

For the new rules, passport renewal is now easier because the conditions are only required to bring an E-KTP and an old passport with an issue year above the year 2009.

Special Requirements for Making Passports for Umrah 2018

  • Cover letter from travel umrah
  • Letter of recommendation from the Ministry of Religion in accordance with their domicile (except for State Officials, PNS, TNI / POLRI, Children under 12 years old, Community Figures and Petitioners over 50 years of age).

Cost of Making a New Passport

1601024204 739 How to make a new passport 2018 via WhatsApp - How to make a new passport 2018 via WhatsApp
  • A 48-page passport per person is IDR 300,000
  • Change the 48-page passport due to negligence of IDR 600,000
  • Change a 48-page passport due to a natural disaster of IDR 300,000
  • Making a 24-page passport per person is IDR 100,000
  • Change the 24-page passport due to negligence, which is IDR 200,000
  • Change the 24-page passport due to a natural disaster of IDR 100,000


  • If there is a difference in the name on the document, it should be taken care of first with the relevant agency.
  • The WhatsApp Queue Quota is usually longer than the Queue Quota via the Online Passport Queue Application.
  • One booking code for one queue number. Make sure all family members are registered if you want to apply for a passport at the same time.
  • Prepare a stamp
  • Wear neat clothes (collars) and shoes.
  • Women who wear a head scarf try to use a plain or patternless veil.
  • Bring drinks and food or snacks with children
  • Passports will be completed within 3 days of payment. The longer the payment, the longer it will be completed.
  • Payment can be made at the bank or using Internet banking
  • Register from Friday morning to Sunday evening if you have trouble getting queue quotas
  • It is enough to take the passport with the receipt given after the photo, fingerprint and interview (no need to take queue quota anymore, just come 3 or 4 days after making payment).
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