How much it costs a vacation to Thailand 2020 by backpacker for a cheap travel vacation

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Thailand, Cheapest Travel Destinations in Southeast Asia

As a true traveler, is there a desire within you to be able to travel abroad? For some ordinary people, they definitely think that having a vacation abroad will definitely require a lot of money and are expensive. But actually, the expensive or the vacation depends on the needs.

Each person’s needs and abilities are different. Maybe there are tourists who spend a lot of money on vacation because their lifestyle is luxurious. So they tend to choose everything that is too expensive.

So that in fact, even with the budget that you accumulate, you can vacation abroad. As one of the holiday destination countries that is frequently visited by Indonesian tourists is Thailand.

This country is very friendly for budget travelers. As a person with the cheapest tourism country in Southeast Asia, Thailand is always invaded by tourists from various countries when the long holiday arrives.

Some cities that are frequently visited by travelers are Bangkok, Pattaya and Phuket. Bangkok itself has a very famous characteristic, namely street food. As well as Pattaya and Phukket which are famous for their natural scenery and beaches.

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Details of the basic budget that you need to prepare this much!

1. Transportation: You can choose two alternatives to get to Bangkok. If you want to do a direct flight, you can use LCC Airlines such as Malindo Airways with a fare of around 1.4 million PP. However, there are some people who choose to fly to Singapore or Kuala Lumpur first and then continue their flight to Bangkok.

2. Accommodation: Apart from plane tickets, the budget for lodging also often costs money. However, if you are on vacation in Thailand you don’t need to worry, because here are a lot of budget hotels with rates per night starting from 170 baht or around 76 thousand. Not only cheap, the locations of these inns are in the city center, you know. So that the budget to stay for 4 days 3 nights in total is around 250 thousand.

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3. Local Transportation: Some of the transportation that you can use while in Bangkok are the MRT, Bus, BTS. The fare for the three transportation is very cheap, starting from 3 thousand-18 thousand one way and depending on the distance traveled. So if in total to travel for 4 days, it will probably cost around 50 thousand.

4. Consumption: On vacation to Thailand, especially Bangkok, you don’t have to worry about eating. Because here a lot of street food is sold at low prices and the taste is suitable for the Indonesian tongue. For one meal, you can spend around 10 thousand-25 thousand, a day it can be 100 thousand. So that for 4 days, the total consumption is around 400 thousand.

5. Tourist attractions: In Bangkok, the entrance ticket is quite cheap, you name it like various temples, Wat Arun, and Wat Pho, which can be enjoyed only by paying 25 thousand-50 thousand. If you visit 5 tourist attractions in 4 days, the budget might be around 150 thousand. Unless you want to visit the Grand Palace, the entrance fee is 250 thousand.

Recommended Lodging Is In This Area

• Khao San Road: This area is already very famous among world backpackers. Hotel prices in the Khao San Road area are indeed cheaper compared to other areas. You can stay in this area for only 90 thousand a night. The facilities are quite complete, there is wifi, breakfast and air conditioning.

• Sukhumvit: In contrast to Khao San Road which is in a crowded tourist area, Sukhumvit can be an advanced option. Its location is rather small, making lodging in this area quite affordable. Even though it is small, this area is close to the MRT and Subway Stations.

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• Mo Chit: This area is often used as a follow-up option by tourists because of its location close to the Bus Stop. So that it makes it easier for you to travel and the transportation costs are more economical.

• Silom Bangkrak: In this area you can find a place to stay that is neat, comfortable, spacious, and cheap. One of the accommodations that can be tried is Folk Poshtel. With rates per night ranging from 180 thousand-775 thousand.

Try this transportation for sightseeing

1. SkyTrain: One of the mainstay of transportation in Bangkok is the SkyTrain or the Bangkok Mass Transit System (BTS). By using this, you can see the beauty of the city of Bangkok from above, because this train has an overpass line. The fare to ride this transportation is very affordable, which is around 6 thousand-20 thousand depending on the distance.

2. MRT: Besides the SkyTrain, you can also use the MRT. This subway is also often used by tourists because the rates are also cheap. This transport operates from 6 am to 12 pm.

3. Airport Rail Link: If this one vehicle is specifically used for travel from and to Suvarnabhumi Airport-Bangkok. If landing at an LCC Terminal such as Don Mueang Airport, you can use transportation such as a taxi or bus to go to the city center.

4. Bus: This mode of transportation can also be used to reach places or cities of your destination. Even though most of the bus routes are in Thai, you can still recognize them through the numbers printed on each bus. The fare to get on a bus in Bangkok starts from 3500-8 thousand only.

5. Tuk-tuk: One of the mandatory transportation that must be tried in Thailand is the Tuk-tuk. This transportation is similar to Bajaj in Jakarta. If you want to enjoy and explore the streets of Bangkok, it’s fun to use this transportation. Uniquely, before riding this Tuk-Tuk you can bargain the price, you know, if it suits you, you just have to look for something else.

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These Tips Are Effective To Save Your Budget

• An activity that should not be missed when visiting Thailand is shopping at traditional places. To be able to get cheap price offers and lots of goods, you need to visit traditional places. In Bangkok there are several cheap souvenir markets such as Khlong Toey, Pratunam Market, Thewet Market and the most famous is Chatuhak Weekend Market.

• If you want to save money, we recommend not taking a taxi in Thailand. Because if you are not careful, you will ride a taxi without a meter, which is quite expensive. If forced to take a taxi, choose a cargo. It can be seen from the lamp indicator that lights up on the dashboard of the taxi.

• If you have a particular backpacker community who comes from different parts of the country, maybe it can be used. You can cheat your community friends who are in Bangkok, who knows they can accommodate you during your vacation there. So that you are free from the lodging budget. Or you can also try couchsurfing service, a hospitality exchange network around the world.

• Travel to Thailand does not have to go to places that are paid and expensive. You can visit several tourist attractions for free. For example, you can go to Bangkok Art & Culture Center, Museum Of Counterfeit, Suan Rot Fai, Asiatique The Riverfront, Wat Mahathat, Lumpini Park, to Khaosan Road.

In total, then you only need a budget of around 2,350 million. The calculation above certainly does not include additional costs such as gifts and impromptu expenses. You can prepare more money than the basic budget estimate above.


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