How much does it cost to have a vacation to Korea in 2020 a week cheap by backpackers from Indonesia + vacations who need a visa


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Korea, Most Eve Travel Destinations!

Just like traveling to Japan, if you want to choose Korea as your next vacation destination, you also have to prepare a lot of money. Because these two developed countries, the life cost is quite expensive, especially for tourists.

Even though it is expensive, this can never discourage tourists who want to vacation in this Gingseng Country. Anyone is willing to set aside part of their income and save it to be able to vacation in a country where oppa2 and oenni2 are located.

Korea is indeed very famous for its K-Fashion which has always been a trend center for fashion around the world. Many people like to follow Korean fashion trends, including Indonesians.

Not only that, another attraction of Korea that makes people curious about spending their vacation time is its interesting cultural diversity, specialty food, tourist attractions, shopping centers and all kinds of make-up.

You can get any item that you can actually get in Indonesia, but here the price is cheaper, especially for women who will definitely buy up all skin care or make up. Doyan windows shopping, vacationing in Korea is the right choice.

Prepare this budget first!

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1. Airline Tickets: Tips for getting cheap flight tickets to Korea are to order 3-6 months before departure. The cost of flight tickets from JKT-Incheon, Seoul, if you get a promo price, you will pay around 2 million. But if the normal price is you will pay around 4 million each way.

2. Visa: The cost of processing a Korean Visa will cost around 550 thousand if you arrange it yourself. The Korean Visa application process will take approximately 2 weeks.

3. Accommodation: If you want to take a vacation duration of 5 days 4 nights. So if you take lodging at a price of 150 thousand, that means prepare a budget of around 600 thousand.

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4. Consumption: The cost of eating in Korea varies. If you eat standard, you will spend 50 thousand-100 thousand one meal, maybe 300 thousand a day. In total, for 5 days, you will spend around 1.5 million.

5. Local Transportation: While traveling in Korea, you can take several public transportation. If calculated, chances are you will need a maximum pocket of 800 thousand.

6. Tourist attractions: For various tourist attractions in Korea. If the total is for a tourist spot budget, maybe you need to prepare around 300 thousand.

7. Souvenirs: You can adjust the budget for souvenirs as needed. Just prepare for souvenirs around 1 million.

So, if you total a vacation for 5 days 4 nights in Korea, you will spend around 12,750 million. Actually it can be pressed again as long as you follow the tips that we will discuss below.

Most Recommended Area For Overnight

• Hongdae: The first area you can visit is Hongdae. Here you can get lodging with a very, very cheap budget under 200 thousand a night. The types of accommodation here also vary, from hotels, hostels to guest houses. One of the recommended guest houses in this area is Flex Home Guesthouse with a rate of 153 thousand per night.

• Jongno-Gu: Next you can visit Jongno-Gu, there is an inn with quite complete facilities. Starting from wifi, air conditioning, bunk beds, to bathroom showers. The location of this inn is close to Tapgol Park, Insadong Street, and Seoul Bamdokkaebi Night Market. The rate per night is 158 thousand.

• Soedemun-Gu: Want to find lodging close to Hongik University? Try the Kimchee Shincon Guesthouse. The rate for a night to stay here is 187 thousand. There are various facilities that you can enjoy here.

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• Yongsan-Gu: Finally, you can choose a guest house in the Yongsan-Gu area, called G Guesthouse Itaewon. The location of this inn is close to Seoul station, it only takes about 15 minutes. The cost of staying here is also quite affordable, around 115 thousand for shareroom.

Go Around Town Using This Vehicle!

1. Bus: Korea is known to be very friendly with foreign tourists. This is proven by the availability of several facilities that can be used by tourists. One of them is this one mode of transportation, the Seoul Government turns out to have a bus specifically for tourists, namely the Seoul City Tour Bus. By using the Seoul City Plus Pass, you will get a 5% discount for each entry ticket to certain tourist attractions and transportation costs.

2. Subway: If you have already used the MRT in Singapore, it will definitely be easier to take the Subway in Korea. This express train that connects areas of Seoul is also available in Busan, one of the largest cities in South Korea. To be able to use this transportation facility you must have T-Money. The fee for taking the Subway is 1,250-1,750 won.

3. Taxi: This transportation option can be chosen if you are very tight. Because the cost of taking this transportation is quite good, which is around 20,000 won for a 20-minute ride. Like taxis in general, the fare is according to the running meter.

4. Arex: To leave Incheon Airport, there are several transportation options that you can choose, one of which is the Arex Express. To buy a Arex All Stop Train ticket you can use T-Money. These Arex All Stop Train seats are like an overlooking Subway. The ticket price is 4,250 won for the trip to Seoul Station from Incheon Airport.

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To Save More, Do This!

• Go during winter season because when it is winter, people will tend to choose to stay at home instead of having to travel. That way, the tourist spots will not be overcrowded with visitors, which results in cheaper entry tickets. Travel costs during winter also tend to be more affordable.

• Invite friends to join you together with you. This one tip is one of the most frequently applied by tourists. So that your costs are not too heavy, the solution is to find people who can and are willing to share the costs. You can share lodging, travel tickets, even meals.

• If you want to save even more, try to cook yourself the food that you will enjoy. In Korea, there are a lot of inns that provide kitchen facilities for their visitors to use for cooking. You can buy the ingredients at the nearest super market. Because if you eat outside during the holidays, it will be more wasteful. So these tips will be very useful if you want to eat well but on an affordable budget.

• Take advantage of facilities and free tourist attractions while in Korea. The Korean government has indeed prepared several facilities and free tours that can be enjoyed by local residents and tourists alike. You can use the free shuttle bus to go around the city, free telephones, even free entrance tickets to tourist attractions, and there is also free internet.

Have you imagined how exciting it is to spend your vacation time in this Ginseng Country? Make sure if important documents are also neatly prepared. That way you can enjoy a vacation.



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