How much does it cost to have a vacation to Europe 2020 for travel and cheap prices like a backpacker

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Vacation To Europe Is Everyone’s Dream

It seems like if you are a true traveler, the dream that will always be on your wish list is being able to vacation around Europe, right? If we look at homeland celebrities and successful entrepreneurs in Indonesia, they often travel to countries in Europe.

Just seeing it is fun and enjoyable, especially if you do it yourself. But unfortunately, many people bury their dreams because they are obstructed at a cost. Because a vacation to Europe is synonymous with anything that is too expensive.

However, as a true traveler you must not run out of your mind. Think about how you can design a vacation around Europe with a budget that suits your abilities and make it as economical as possible.

This can certainly be done if you can find out the budget allocations that will be issued later. You can divide it into several posts, namely transportation, accommodation, consumption, to local transport.

Also make sure how many countries and cities you will visit. Several cities and countries are recommended with cheaper living costs such as Athens, Budapest, Krakow, Milan, Madrid, Viena, and Lisbon.

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Budget Planning for a European Vacation Looks Like This!

1. Visa: When deciding to vacation in Europe, you must prepare a Visa in advance. The visa that applies in Europe is the Schengen Visa. You can make this Visa through several European Embassies. The price range for making a Schengen Visa through the Dutch Embassy is around 1.5 million.

2. Transportation: Airplane ticket fares from Jakarta to several European countries are estimated at 10 million-15 million PP. The transportation budget does drain a lot of money. Maybe you can outsmart it by following the promo prices from each airline. Qatar Airways and Garuda Indonesia can be the options. Also make sure if you leave and come home during weeekdays.

3. Accommodation: To save budget, when choosing accommodation in European cities / countries, don’t expect to spend the night in a luxurious place. Choose accommodation with prices below 500 thousand per night. Lodging that provides kitchen facilities also needs to be considered. So you can cook all your own consumption needs while there.

4. Local Transportation: The most effective way to get around cities / countries in Europe is by train and bus. The fare for boarding these transports is priced starting at 450 thousand for one way (Example from Belgium-London). The train itself is priced at 5 million. You might try the Eurail Four Country Select Pass when traveling with a minimum of two people.

5. Consumption: In some cities / countries there are Indonesian restaurants that specialize in providing typical Indonesian food, starting from 200 thousand per meal. Besides that, you can also take advantage of street food with a budget of 50,000. So that if you total the daily expenditure for consumption around 500 thousand.

If You Visit This City, Stay Here

• Amigo Hostel: If you visit Amsterdam, staying at Amigo Hostel can be quite interesting. The hotel is within 0.8 Km from the Royal Theater Carre. The location of the Amigo Hotel is in the Kerklaan Plantage area. The rate per night is priced at just 320 thousand.

• Camping Village Roma: Rome is one city with a low cost life that is quite affordable than others. Finding cheap lodging while visiting Rome is not a difficult problem. One that can be chosen is Camping Village Roma. This accommodation has been widely reviewed by backpackers from around the world. The pocket to stay here for one night is valued at 370 thousand.

• Sevilla Dream Hostel: This 2-star hotel on Calle Pascual De Gayangos 32, Spain can also be the next choice. The budget to stay here is quite affordable. It is quite close to Plaza de Armas and Metropol Parasol.

• Berlin Generator Prenzlauler Berg: If you are visiting Berlin and want to stay in the city center, spend the night at this hotel. Here you can enjoy recreational facilities such as bicycles or garden views.

• Hotel Lippert: If visiting the Czech Republic, make sure if your place of stay is in the Prague area 1. There is a place to stay that is priced very cheap, only 150 thousand per night. The location is also close to the old Square and Kinsky Palace.

Try this transportation for sightseeing

1. Train: To move from one country to another you definitely need transportation that supports it. Well, the train is a cheap mode of transportation that can reach several countries in Europe. Our advice, buy Eurail Pass tickets before the day of your departure to avoid running out of tickets.

2. Airplane: Explore Europe by Airplane can also be selected. There are several budget airlines to choose from, namely EasyJet, Germwings, Ryanair, and Wzz Air. The airline is widely chosen for tourists because the ticket prices are quite affordable.

3. Car Rental: Renting a private car can also be an advanced option. For some people, this option is practical where you don’t have to switch vehicles anymore in each country and city you visit. However, renting a car in some European cities / countries is quite expensive. There are also several provisions that must be followed, one of which is that you must have an international driving license.

4. Bus: Bus can be used as a daily transport to get around the city. This alternative is the most affordable. Apart from buses, there are also metros and trams in some countries. Flixbus is one of the most economical transportation that can be used.

These Tips Are Effective To Save Your Budget

• When it comes to Europe, there are so many countries and cities that you really want to visit. But if you remember about the budget, to save more, we recommend not choosing too many destinations. Because this affects the cost and time to be spent. For example, if you intend to visit 5 countries, just visit one city in each country.

• This is often ignored by ordinary people. Origin of bookings without seeing the time that is happening. Our advice if you want to travel to Europe, avoid vacation times such as June-July and December-January.

• Because many hotels in European countries set high prices, we recommend using the Airbnb service. You can find a place to stay in the type of apartment and budget hotel. Given that you only stay overnight in different countries and cities.

• One of the risks that will be faced when deciding to go around a city / country in Europe is that you will encounter a variety of different food characters. Of course the price is not cheap. One of the most economical tips if you want to have a vacation to Europe is to bring ready-to-eat foods such as Shredded, Rendang, and Dendeng.

Apart from these three foods, you can also bring some complementary ingredients such as powdered chilies, ketchups, and sauces. So that stomach and tongue problems that don’t match the food there will be easily resolved.

Once in total, the estimated budget that can be prepared to realize the dream of traveling around Europe based on the above description is around 26 million with a trip duration of 6 days 5 nights. The price range above can still be pressed if you have relatives in your destination country.


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