Here are 7 countries with the fastest Iftar time in the world

Travel Blog Indonesia – For Muslims, the holy month of Ramadan is a time that is highly anticipated and very much missed. For a whole month you are usually required to endure all forms of lust. Starting from holding back thirst and hunger to holding back emotions. If you don’t succeed in holding back one of them, your fasting will be in vain and your fast will be canceled. You need to know, fasting is not just holding back hunger and lust.

If you know the month of Ramadan well, you will find many blessings and privileges in it. All Muslims in the world are competing to carry out this worship wherever they are. Although the duration of their fast varies due to the time difference. Some are faster, some are longer, here are 7 lists of countries with the fastest fasting times in the world. What countries? Come on, let’s find out!

The time difference is the main thing that causes the duration of fasting in different countries. Because the earth’s rotation around the sun is not straight. Well, this is what causes certain time periods to be different. Usually the northern part of the earth gets sunlight longer than the southern part of the earth. This usually occurs from March to September. Do you want to feel faster fasting time? Visit this country by taking advantage of promo tickets from

1. Saudi Arabia

Makkah Arab Saudi - Here are 7 countries with the fastest Iftar time in the world

Fasting in Saudi Arabia only lasts 14 hours and 30 minutes, not much different from that in Indonesia. Well, for those of you who want to try it, you can go to Saudi Arabia as well as do Umrah with your family there. Fasting will be more meaningful if you do it while doing Umrah. Especially with the majority of people who are Muslims, of course the atmosphere of Ramadan is more pronounced.

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2. Indonesia

Indonesia - Here are 7 countries with the fastest Iftar time in the world

Fortunately, we who live in Indonesia, because fasting in Indonesia only lasts 13 hours 3 minutes. The only thing that distinguishes it is the division of time in WIB, WITA, and WIT in determining the time to break and Imsak. The rest of the duration of your fast is the same, which is 13 hours 3 minutes.

3. Comoros Islands

Kepulauan Komoro - Here are 7 countries with the fastest Iftar time in the world

The Comoros Islands are located in the Strait of Mozambique northwest of Madagascar and east of the African continent. The Comoros Islands are still included in the Arabian Peninsula. Arabic culture is still thick in the Comoros Islands. In fact, the official language used by the people is Arabic. Although some people also use Comoros and French to communicate. Well, the duration of fasting in the Comoros Islands is only 12 hours and 31 minutes, from sunrise to sunset.

4. Western Australia

Australia Barat - Here are 7 countries with the fastest Iftar time in the world

Western Australia to be precise in the Sydney area, does have a fairly short fasting time. You could say only half a day, because the duration is only 11 hours 59 minutes. For some Muslims living in Australia, there are not too many challenges.


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