Greeting the Silent Morning Sun, Hunting for Sunrise in Borobudur

Travel Blog Indonesia Borobudur, Magelang, Central Java – Since long time ago Borobudur Temple has been so famous for its architectural splendor, so that it can attract thousands of tourists to visit. But do you know, the morning is the best time to fully enjoy Borobudur Temple. Yes, hunting for the sunrise at Borobudur is one of the fun activities as well as a different way to enjoy the beauty of the largest Buddhist temple in Indonesia.

The Sunrise Hunting Package at Borobudur is indeed being hunted by many sunrise enthusiasts. Many travelers like to peek at the sun shining shining and slowly emerging from behind Mount Merapi, which is still shrouded in morning mist. Indeed, there is no morning aroma so fresh and perfect except in the nuances of the magic of Indonesia’s historical heritage. Yes, hunting sunrise at Borobudur will be an unforgettable experience for my friends.

The beauty of the sun that slowly rises to the sky from behind Merapi in the morning, slowly glowing orange color followed by a bluish purple color who will not melt his heart. Sunrise at Borobudur Temple will show the beautiful colors above and between the temple stones which are blackish gray.

Menikmati semburat mentari pagi di Borobudur pasti menyenangkan - Greeting the Silent Morning Sun, Hunting for Sunrise in Borobudur

Not only that, the reddish color is also present on the eastern horizon as if greeted by stupas and Buddha statues sitting in silence. Enjoy slowly all the moments that are there, but don’t miss the opportunity to capture this beautiful picture of the sunrise at Borobudur. Selfies or unique poses with the background of the stupa of Borobudur Temple cannot be missed.

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It is recommended to hunt the sunrise at Borobudur Temple from May to July. Because these months are the best time to enjoy the moment the sun rises here. Given that these months were the beginning of the dry season in Indonesia and the weather was sunny.

To get the moment the sun rises at Borobudur Temple, traveler friends must leave and enter the monument in the early morning at around 04:00 – 4:30, before the sun appears and general visitors enter the temple area. This sunrise hunting tour package at Borobudur Temple is different from the usual entrance ticket. What you need to pay for Sunrise hunting in Borobudur is IDR 220,000 for local tourists and IDR 320,000 for foreign tourists.

Siapapun pasti tidak ingin melewatkan moment magis selama Berburu Sunrise Di Borobudur - Greeting the Silent Morning Sun, Hunting for Sunrise in Borobudur

Generally, this package is provided by Manohara Hotel, which is located in the Borobudur Temple Tourism complex. What you need is only to pay the entrance ticket to the clerk at the hotel. Then you will be given a batik patterned by Borobudur Temple which must be worn while inside. When you enter Borobudur Temple itself, you will be accompanied by a guide who will help you to tell the best position to enjoy the attractive sunrise at Borobudur Temple.

It’s even better if you order the Sunrise hunting package at Borobudur Temple through the Manohara Hotel, after enjoying the beautiful sunrise here, the travelers will also get morning tea and breakfast. So this experience will become a beautiful memory of the unforgettable aura of peace of Borobudur.

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