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The island of Bali is indeed very famous for its many beaches that are used to attract tourists. Each beach always has its own characteristics that add to the charm offered to the tourists.

One of the beaches whose names are not too well known and offer captivating beauty is the Green Bowl Beach. This beach is included in a hidden beach and is still empty of visitors. Therefore, not many merchants came to this place.

Entrance Ticket Prices on the Green Bowl Beach

For those of you who are interested in visiting, you are required to spend IDR 5,000 for each person. The funds will be used to maintain various existing facilities such as bathrooms, road access, and the construction of the Batu Pageh Temple.

If you want to visit this place, then you are required to travel 17.3 km with a duration of 35 minutes. First of all, drive the vehicle to the outside of Ngurah Rai airport via Jalan Airport Ngurah Rai. After meeting the roundabout, take the road to the south via Jalan By Pass Ngurah Rai.

Follow the road continuously until you meet Pizza Hut Jimbaran Bali and head south towards Jalan Raya Kampus Unud. Follow along the main road until you see Udayana University and you can see a T-junction.

At the T-junction turn left so now you will be on Jalan Goa Gong. Follow it along the path until you see Warung Nevo on the right. Go straight a little and you will meet a T-junction. In that section, select the path to the right and the road is called Jalan Nusa Dua.

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Drive straight ahead until you can see CV Cipta Mesari on the left at the T-junction. Choose the path to the left, then you will arrive at Jalan Bali Cliff. Follow the path until you reach the end. Now you can see the entrance to the Green Bowl Beach.

In order to actually get to the area, visitors are required to go down many small steps. For those of you who bring food, it is advisable to keep it in a bag, because there are many naughty little monkeys.

Activities on the Green Bowl Beach

This beach is included in the beach with conditions that are still quiet, the waves are quite large, and also lots of rocks. This beach is located right adjacent to the Bali Cliff Hotel. To get to this place, tourists are required to struggle to conquer the stairs, which amount to approximately 328 steps.

The journey down the stairs is very challenging, because the steps are made on a fairly steep and sharp cliff. In addition, in this place it is highly recommended to bring your own supplies, because there are no cafes or hawkers below.

There are lots of activities that can be done on this beach, such as:

1. Surf

This beach has quite a charming view where you can see the color gradation from green to blue which is very beautiful. The sea water is still very clean and clear, so you can clearly see what is on the seabed.

This beach has sea water that is large enough, so it is very suitable for surfing only for people who are reliable. As for people who are not reliable or are still beginners, it is not recommended to learn to surf in this place.

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2. Exploring Caves – Caves on the Green Bowl Beach

For people who want to go to a place that is still far from the hustle and bustle of the world, then you can just visit the Green Bowl Beach in Bali. This beach is included in the new beach with white sand. The sea water on this beach is calm, so it is perfect for relaxing. Another nuance given is that this beach has many rows of lined rocks.

It’s just that on this beach there are rarely food and drink sellers, so tourists are required to bring their own supplies. If you visit this place, then you can try to go see the cave which is not far from this beach.

The cave is used by local people for various rituals. The unique thing is that this ritual is usually performed during the full moon. Besides that, there are other small caves that you can enter. In the caves, there are bats that sleep hanging.

The bats do not disturb the visitors who come, as long as the visitors do not disturb the sleeping time of the bats there. Other facilities offered at this beach are surfing and fishing, because the sea water is very calm.


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