Good food, not to be missed by 2 famous restaurants in Surin


Surin, a province in Thailand, is not only known for its rich heritage and cultural attractions but also for its delicious cuisine. The region is famous for its Northeastern recipes that have been inherited and developed from Cambodia. Surin is home to many great restaurants that offer mouthwatering menus, making it a paradise for food lovers. Whether you are a local or a traveler, these two restaurants in Surin are a must-visit to experience the true flavors of the region.

Mae Pim Pla Pao

Mae Pim Pla Pao is a Thai-Isan restaurant that serves authentic Thai delicacies that should not be missed. The name itself suggests that their specialties are steamed fish and grilled fish, but the menu offers so much more. One of the must-try dishes is the salty fried chicken, which has a perfect balance of flavors. The Tom Yam chicken spicy soup with tamarind leaves is another popular choice, known for its rich and tangy taste. For those who prefer salads, the minced duck or chicken spicy salad with mushroom is a delightful option.

The restaurant provides a comfortable and air-conditioned dining experience, ensuring that you enjoy your meal in a pleasant environment. Additionally, they offer a variety of cool drinks to refresh you on a hot day. Located at 555 Thesaban 1 Road, Tambon Nai Mueang, Amphoe Mueang, Surin 32000, Mae Pim Pla Pao is easily accessible from the city center. Simply head straight to Thesaban 1 road, passing in front of the Sirindhorn School. About 800 meters before reaching the traffic light intersection, you’ll find the restaurant on your left.

Mae Pim Pla Pao opens daily from 09.00 to 23.00 Hrs, allowing you to satisfy your cravings at any time of the day.

P. Pak Mo

P. Pak Mo is another renowned restaurant in Surin that offers a unique twist to traditional cuisine. Although Pak Mo, steamed rice powdery dumpling, is not originally from Surin, the restaurant has perfected this dish by incorporating ingredients that enhance both its color and flavor. The result is an unbeatable Pak Mo that will leave you craving for more.

The menu at P. Pak Mo offers a variety of options. For breakfast, you can enjoy Pak Mo wrapped with an egg, a simple yet satisfying way to start your day. The greasy fried pork dumplings are perfect as a snack while waiting for your main course. If you’re looking for something comforting, their soup options are a great choice to clear your throat. Additionally, you can try their Pak Mo Noodles or Kuai Chap, which are white rice folded noodles served in a flavorful brown soup.

Located at 29/2 Sirirat Road, Tambon Nai Mueang, Amphoe Mueang, Surin 32000, P. Pak Mo is situated on the opposite side of the entrance to the Thong Tarin Hotel. To reach the restaurant, drive until you reach the intersection, then turn left, and you’ll immediately spot the shop.

P. Pak Mo is open daily from 11.00 to 19.00 Hrs. It is advisable to visit the restaurant early as their delicious food tends to sell out quickly.

Exploring Surin’s Culinary Delights

Apart from the two mentioned restaurants, Surin offers a plethora of culinary options that cater to both sweet and savory preferences. The region is a haven for gourmet tourists who seek unique flavors not easily found in urban cities like Bangkok. Surin’s cuisine is deeply rooted in its cultural heritage, making it a fascinating destination for food enthusiasts.

When visiting Surin for the first time, it is highly recommended to start your culinary journey with Mae Pim Pla Pao and P. Pak Mo. These two restaurants showcase the authentic flavors of the region and provide a great introduction to Surin’s gastronomic delights. By experiencing the local cuisine at these establishments, you will gain a deeper understanding of the culinary traditions and cultural influences that have shaped Surin’s food scene.

In addition to the savory dishes, Surin also boasts a wide array of desserts that are worth exploring. From traditional Thai sweets to modern interpretations, Surin’s dessert scene offers something for everyone. Indulge in the delicate flavors of coconut-based treats, sticky rice with mango, or the refreshing sweetness of tropical fruits.

As you venture out to explore Surin’s food and dessert scene, be prepared to be delighted by the flavors and textures that await you. The region’s culinary offerings are diverse, and each bite tells a story of tradition, creativity, and passion. Don’t be afraid to try new dishes and experiment with different flavors. Surin’s cuisine is a true reflection of its vibrant culture and will undoubtedly leave a lasting impression on your taste buds.

In conclusion, Surin is not just a destination for cultural and historical adventures but also a haven for food enthusiasts. Mae Pim Pla Pao and P. Pak Mo are two restaurants that exemplify the rich flavors and culinary traditions of the region. By visiting these establishments, you will embark on a gastronomic journey that will introduce you to the authentic taste of Surin. So, when planning your trip to Surin, make sure to indulge in the local cuisine and experience the diverse and delightful flavors that this region has to offer.

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