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Are you currently in Kebumen Regency? Or do you want to take a sightseeing trip to the region? Maybe there is nothing wrong if you try to visit several natural tourist sites in the regency which is located in the south of the island of Java. Its location juts to the south, making Kebumen has several interesting beach locations for you to visit.

Now for those of you who like to visit new tourist locations, where not many people have access to them. You can try visiting Gebyuran beach. This beach, which only has a 100 meter long coastline, will present a different southern beach sensation than the others. In addition, the beach atmosphere that is still not many visitors will make you feel like you are visiting a private beach.

Entrance ticket prices at Gebyuran Beach

Gebyuran Beach is a beach that is still not very common and there are still few tourists who are interested in visiting it. By reason of access and facilities, they have more artificial tourist sites than natural tourist sites. However, the charm offered by Gebyuran Beach is not inferior to other famous beaches such as private beaches.

Even though it offers the sensation of an exclusive private beach, Gebyuran Beach has a fairly affordable entrance price. Only with an entrance ticket of IDR 5,000.00 you can enter the unique and exotic Gebyuran Beach area. As with various other tourist locations, these prices usually change when entering the holiday or weekend season.

Even so, the entry fee set to go to Gebyuran beach is quite friendly in all pockets. In addition, several facilities are also available, such as public bathrooms, places of worship, access to clean water, rest areas and vehicle storage. The location of Gebyuran Beach which is also close to other beach locations, makes access to lodging and hotels easy to get.

Now for those of you who are natives or residents who live around Gebyuran Beach, you can visit the beach at any time because the access is still quite loose. However, for those of you who come from outside the region, the time to enter your tourist location is from 08.00 to 17.00.

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The limitation on visiting hours is enforced to avoid the possibility of unwanted things, because the beach access is quite extra to reach and is prone to immoral acts at night. But you don’t need to worry, until now the district government continues to make efforts to improve and add facilities to make visitors comfortable.

Instead, you can enjoy the sunset without having to spend the night on the road by renting an inn or hotel near the beach location. The sensation of the morning at Gebyuran Beach is equally beautiful and fun. The atmosphere of the forest and caves which are still active with stalactites will cool your morning atmosphere on Gebyuran beach.

Actually Gebyuran Beach is quite easy to find, but its tight location makes it a little less popular compared to other beaches. The location of Gebyuran Beach is also quite close to other beach locations. Well, here is a route that you can take to find road access to Gebyuran Beach tourist sites.

Gebyuran Beach is located in Pasir Village, Ayah Subdistrict, which is to be precise 800 meters southeast of Pasir Beach, or west of Tanjung Karang Penganten. The location of the beach is a bit pinched, besides that for access to enter, you have to go down the karst cliffs, because the location is behind the ridge of karst hills.

Therefore, it can be ascertained that access from this beach is quite remote and difficult to reach. Only a few people are willing to struggle down the karst hills to reach this unique beach location. However, access improvements are also being carried out and speeded up by the local government to attract tourists to Gebyuran Beach.

Tourism Object on Gebyuran Beach

Not only the beach, the Gebyuran Beach tourist location also has several objects that you can visit and enjoy while you are there. You can get a beautiful and photogenic view if you like the world of photography, besides that a challenging experience with a rocky forest route will welcome you to the location. Isn’t it exciting?

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So, before you go to Gebyuran Beach, let’s take a look at some of the objects that you can enjoy while on vacation there. Don’t miss a special moment at Gebyuran Beach. Don’t forget to provide a good camera and a partner you can play with. Here are some objects found on Gebyuran Beach, Kebumen, Central Java.

1. The beauty of Goa Karst

The beach, which is located on a karst mountain location, is a beach that is below the surface of the ground or a cliff that forms a niche or a hole on the edge of the beach, which is shaped like a cave. The cave becomes a special charm when you visit Gebyuran Beach, its beautiful location also contributes to the beautiful and comfortable atmosphere of Gebyuran Beach.

As explained earlier, the karst mountains on Gebyuran beach contributed to the formation of stalactites – coastal cave stables that tend to be actively dripping water. Even if you visit this beach cave during the rainy season, you will find stalactites that pour down water droplets from the top of the mountains.

2. Playing sand on the coral beach

Pretty beautiful right? Gebyuran beach sand is sloping brownish black, but still has a lot of rocky rocks. From the location of Gebyuran Beach, you can also enjoy the view of the brick Tanjung Karang jutting into the ocean. These corals will show their toughness in breaking the ferocious waves of the south coast.

3. View of the South Coastline of Kebumen

Not only Tanjung Karang Bata, the southern area of ​​Gebyuran beach offers a view of the reefs and cliffs of Tanjung Karang Penganten, which is also struggling to break big waves. The shape of the coastal complex area that is slightly curved is indeed an advantage of Gebyuran Beach, because visitors easily find unique views.

4. Take a photo with a beautiful coastal cliff background

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The next view is presented from the coastal cliffs in the southern region which line from Surumanis Beach, Pecaron to Tanjung Karangbata complete with hills that are quite popular as contemporary tourist locations, such as Silayur Hill.

This tourist location still does not have several artificial vehicles to support its appeal as a tourist location. Therefore, Gebyuran Beach visitors are still quite minimal. In addition, local residents also deliberately maintain the beauty of this unique beach. So to enjoy Gebyuran Beach you can do it by playing in the sand or among the corals.

5. Beaches That Can Relax Your Mind

This beach is suitable for those of you who want to enjoy the natural atmosphere while calming yourself down from all the busyness of the city and the tightness that you are feeling. The atmosphere is faint, beautiful and minimal visitors will make you calmer and more relaxed. Some of these attractions make Pantau Gebyuran a tourist location worth visiting repeatedly.

6. Elegant Sunset Scenery

Gebyuran Beach is a beach that has a stretch of coastline facing west, so this beach is perfect if you want to watch a beautiful sunset in this location. This beach has a lot of corals, so it will reduce the intensity of the big waves that come, making it more comfortable when you enjoy the view.

7. Private Beach Sensation

Yaps, as explained earlier, that this beach does have a path that is quite difficult and challenging, but the beauty after arriving will indeed pay off. Therefore, the number of visitors to Gebyuran Beach is still relatively low, so you can feel the beauty of the beach itself like a private beach.

How? Are you interested in visiting this unique and calming beach? Choose the right time, such as the afternoon, so you can enjoy the beautiful evening atmosphere and also the sunset or sunset with your friends or partner. Make your vacation moments memorable and soothing without having to dig into your pockets too deep.


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