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South Malang has a variety of amazing natural beauty. One of the famous ones is the natural beauty of the beach. Because it is located on the southern coast of the island of Java which is directly adjacent to the Indonesian Ocean, several beaches in South Malang have relatively high waves. However, there are also beaches in this area that have safe waves.

One of them is Gatra Beach. This beach is not very well known among tourists. However, for the local community, Gatra Beach is already popular. This beach has waves that are not big because there are clusters of coral breaking the waves.

With waves that are not big, there are many exciting and interesting things to do on this beach. This beach is also still natural. White sand, calm bright blue sea water, and green trees that make it cool is a very tantalizing combination. So, are you interested in enjoying the natural beauty of Gatra Beach while on vacation? Come on, look at the following reviews.

Price of admission

Like most tourist attractions, to enter the Gatra Beach area you have to buy an entrance ticket first. You don’t need to be expensive, you only need to pay Rp.10,000 per person. If you bring a vehicle, you have to pay a parking fee of Rp. 10,000 again. It may be considered more expensive than most beaches, but the natural beauty and excitement offered here are also more.

Gatra Beach is located in Sendangbiru Hamlet, Sitiharjo Village, SUmbermanjing Wetan District, Malang Regency, East Java Province. Located in the South Malang area, Gatra Beach is close to Tiga Warna beach and Clungup beach. If from Malang City, take the road to Turen which will take you to Sendang Biru beach.

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Because there are directions along the way, the trip will feel easier. When you arrive at the Sendang Biru area, take the road that leads to Tiga Warna beach or Clungup beach. Even though there are road directions, don’t be shy to ask local residents so you don’t get lost.

Arriving at the entrance to the Gatra Beach area, there will be a path that has been plotted. This plotted road does not reach the shoreline. You will continue the journey by foot on rocky paths of approximately 400 to 500 meters long. At the end of this road you will begin to see the lips of Gatra Beach. During the trip the eye will be spoiled by views of the mangrove forest and the Clungup estuary.

Interesting thing

There are many exciting attractions that you can enjoy when you arrive at Gatra Beach. The following include:

1. Beautiful coral islands

Although not very well known, this beach is said to be similar to Raja Ampat in the famous West Papua. This is because there is a coral island that is green here. This coral island is what breaks the waves on this beach so that the water is relatively calm. In addition, this coral island that is similar in Raja Ampat also provides beautiful views. This is a choice of photo spots and selfies for visitors. If you are lucky, when the waves recede you can cross these coral islands. On this island you can see several types of corals and small marine life that live on the reef.

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2. Conservation area

This beach is still a protected conservation area so that visitors cannot litter. In fact, at the entry counter, the items you bring will be recorded. Items that have the potential to become trash will be checked again when you return home. How interesting isn’t it? This is what makes Gatra Beach very clean.

3. Calm water with clear clarity

Thanks to the coral islands, the water on Gatra Beach is relatively calm. Of course this is the plus point of this beach. You can swim to your heart’s content without fear of being swept away by the ocean currents. You can also do snorkeling in this calm water. There is one more thing you can do besides swimming and snorkeling, namely playing canoeing. On this beach there are canoes that can be rented at a cost of IDR 25,000. By paying that much, you can play canoe to your heart’s content.

4. Land for exercising

This beach has a wide sand beach. It is so wide that it can be used for sports such as volleyball and sea soccer. Of course you have to bring the equipment from home. Doing beach sports with friends and family will certainly make your vacation very memorable.

5. Mangrove forest

You are also allowed to explore the mangrove forests on Gatra Beach. You can explore this forest to Clungup beach. This forest is very natural and beautiful. Remember, because this mangrove forest is very well maintained, you also have to keep this forest clean.

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That’s a review of Gatra Beach which has coral islands like Raja Ampat and also calm water. Come on, immediately invite the people closest to you to visit this tourist attraction in Malang, East Java.


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