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Travel Blog Indonesia – has actually covered more deeply about the terms, methods and costs of making a 2018 passport, even before that it has also been written about how to register or create an account in an online passport application.

But unfortunately netizens are not paying attention to some of the frequently asked questions about passports. Now, instead of answering the same questions, I will try to summarize some of the questions that are always asked repeatedly. The hope is that later if someone asks me the same question again, I can offer this post.

1. Online Registration

Please note that there is no longer online passport processing. Currently there is a change in online processing to an online passport application.

So, it has changed significantly. In the past, there were still online passport management services. Applicants can upload all the requirements online, then pay the passport processing fee and only come to the immigration office for collection.

This time, the process was completely different. Applicants must first obtain a queuing quota through the online passport application which can be downloaded via an Android phone on Playstore. Currently, there is no online passport application available on the Appstore for iPhone users.

2. How to Get Queue Quota

Many complain that they don’t get the queue quota or the quota runs out. Well, here is the struggle. Queue quota is given in a limited manner.

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But, for information, sometimes Kanim officers have to take care of passport applications beyond the normal office working hours.

Info from the DG of Immigration Twitter, Quotas are reset every Sunday morning at 05.00 WIB

I witnessed for myself how busy the Immigration office at Warung Buncit, South Jakarta, has to take care of applicants until 18.00 WIB even more so to serve all applicants.

So, you really have to be diligent in checking the queue quota. Try to ask friends or family for help to provide information when there is a queuing quota.

Queue quota is usually opened on weekends. The point is to be diligent in opening and checking the queue quota. Don’t forget to register first through the online passport application.

3. Alternatives to Get Queue Quota

Apart from using the online passport application, you can also register via the WhatsApp number at each intended Immigration office. However, sometimes according to some who have registered, the queue number usually gets a quota for the next three months. So, it is a little longer than registering via an online passport application. However, it’s not all like this. Each Kanim must be different.

If it turns out that you still can’t get the queue quota, you can check the Immigration office which still serves manual registration, for example, in regions. My friend in BSD even arranged for a passport extension to Serang because there was no other choice when I had to immediately apply for a passport in a short time considering that at that time I had already ordered a plane ticket.

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As long as you are on an island, you don’t need to bring a cover letter. For example, a Jakarta KTP can still apply for a passport in Central Java or East Java. Another thing if the KTP from different islands such as the Jakarta KTP wants to take care of it in Medan. There must be a cover letter from the kelurahan.

4. One Account for 5 People

This is also the most frequently asked questions. One account or one cellphone can be used to register a family that is still in one KK or this family. If you want to know what kind of simulation I have explained in detail here.

Information from readers, it turns out that 1 account can be used to register other people even though it is not in one KK. So, if you are an iPhone user because there is no application yet, you can ask for help from a friend who has an Android phone or a friend who already has an account on the Online Queue Application.

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5. Documents that Must Be Completed

Many document problems are still confused, especially some applicant documents are missing or incomplete.

The main requirement for a passport application

  • Original E-KTP and photocopy
  • Birth certificate, marriage certificate, last certificate, or original baptismal certificate and photocopy (just select one of the documents that includes information on the name, place, date of birth, and name of the parents).
  • Original and photocopy of family card
  • Stamp duty (Can be purchased at the Kanim cooperative)

Try to keep the name of the applicant the same on all existing documents. If there are differences, look for other documents that have the same name. Ignore documents with different names. If there are no comparative documents, it will be very difficult for the officer to verify the data.

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So, so as not to be told to go back and forth, especially for those whose homes are far away, you should just bring all the existing documents such as birth certificates, marriage certificates, the last certificate can be SD / SMP / SMA / S1, or original baptismal certificates and photocopies.

If there is no supporting data, the documents should be taken care of first. For those who don’t have an E-KTP, you can arrange a cover letter to the local Civil Registry Office. It is not enough just to get a letter from the urban village.

6. Not Getting a Verification Email?

Check out the following video.

Oh yes, if you want to know the difference between a passport and an e-passport, you can read it here too.


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