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Indonesia is indeed rich in an abundance of tourist destinations, both old and artificial. Nature tourism in Indonesia is often visited by local and foreign tourists. No wonder, because there is a wealth of beautiful scenery and friendly people. In addition, several tourist attractions provide tourist attractions, one of which is the White Sand Beach of Florida Anyer in Banten.

Dreaming of a beautiful vacation on a wide, white sandy beach with beautiful rolling waves can now be obtained by having a vacation to that beach. The location is not too difficult, very close to the city of Serang. Access to the location is also easy, especially on the beach, you will be greeted with various rides and beach fun.

Entrance Ticket Prices on the White Sand Beach of Florida Anyer

The entrance fee for the White Sand Beach Florida Anyer is quite cheap. The entrance ticket is subject to a fee of IDR 15,000 / person. In addition, you also have to pay a parking fee if you bring a private vehicle. For motorbikes for IDR 10,000 and cars for IDR 30,000. Meanwhile, if you bring a bus group, you are charged a parking price of IDR 500,000 – IDR 800,000, including the ticket.

In determining the tourist attractions that will be visited during the holidays, of course, you must also understand the route to the destination location. Especially for the white sand beach route Forida Anyer, the route is easy, as is the access to it. There are several different alternative routes. You may choose one of the routes that will be discussed later.

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The first alternative route is to depart from the city of Jakarta. From Jakarta, please direct the vehicle to the Merak toll road then you will arrive in the city of Serang, Banten province. From the city of Serang, you then go to the town of Pandeglang. After that, you will arrive in Labuan. From the city of Labuan, you are close to the Florida beach. Just follow the available directions.

Apart from the routes above, there are also other alternative routes for you. Just like before, you depart from the city of Jakarta, heading to Serang via the Merak Toll road that connects the city of Jakarta with Banten. Then you head to the city of Palima. From the city of Palima, continue your journey to Batukuwung. From Batukuwung, you will soon arrive at the coast of Florida.

Before heading to the beach, which is located in the city of Serang, to be precise in the Anyer beach area, make sure you have brought a cellphone that is connected to an internet connection to find out the route in detail. So you will not get lost or confused while on the way.

Attractions on the White Sand Beach Florida Anyer

Vacationing to the beach is indeed the most fun if you can enjoy all the tourist objects that have been provided there. On the White Sand beach of Florida, there are actually a lot of tourist objects and activities that you can do to add to the tourist experience on this natural beach. here are some of these attractions.

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1. Coastal Tour

Want to refresh a tired head from work? You can come to this white sand beach in Banten with your loved ones or relatives. Enjoying the beach while walking along the beach is proven to relieve stress and boredom. Especially on this beach in the afternoon it has a very pleasant view. Guaranteed you will not be disappointed.

2. Culinary Tour

No need to worry if you forget to bring lunch or feel your stomach growling while playing on this beach. because you can choose a variety of food menus at stalls near the beach. Having a vacation to the beach while having a culinary tour is a choice of exciting holiday activities. But first, don’t forget to ask the price of the food before ordering.

3. Spot Photos

In addition to the exciting attractions discussed above, there are still more fun activities you can do. One of them is taking pictures while taking advantage of the various beauty of the beach. On the white sand beaches of Florida, there are tons of different and cool photo spots. You can take pictures with a blue ocean background or a beach sunset at dusk. That way you are ready to be different on social media.

4. The Beauty of the Sunset Sunset

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For those of you who like nature tourism with sunset views, you can try to enjoy the view on this white sandy beach in Serang. The scenery is very exotic, attracting the attention of anyone who visits it. If you visit in the afternoon, don’t forget to bring your photographing equipment so you can capture your precious moments there.

5. Picnic spots

Vacation with your family or group is the most delicious while having a picnic on the beach. Not only fun but also comfortable and calm enjoying the gentle breeze. You can rent a mat or bring it yourself from home so you can sit back and relax on the sand while eating a picnic from home. This activity is also highly recommended for those of you who bring children.

Those are some of the tourist attractions on the White Sand beach of Florida in Serang, Banten. After knowing the excitement from the explanation above, of course you will be more interested in visiting it directly. Invite friends or other family members to share how exciting and fun it is to have a vacation to this beach, so that the vacation feels more interesting and very memorable in the heart.


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