Fancy for a sea quest? Sail Indonesia 2017 was flagged off today in Darwin, Aust…

**Sail Indonesia 2017: Exploring the Archipelago on a Sea Quest**

Sail Indonesia 2017, a grand sailing event, was recently flagged off from Darwin, Australia. This 3-month-long sea quest features a fleet of 29 yachts, embarking on an exciting journey to 15 stunning destinations within the Indonesian archipelago. The event promises picturesque landscapes, dive havens, and an immersive experience in the diverse culture and natural beauty of Indonesia.

### The Beginnings of Sail Indonesia 2017
Sail Indonesia 2017 commenced in Darwin, Australia, where 29 yachts were flagged off, marking the beginning of a remarkable sea quest. Departing from Darwin, these yachts are set to embark on an extensive and captivating journey to explore the beautiful Indonesian archipelago.

### The Route: From Darwin to the Indonesian Archipelago
The 29 yachts participating in Sail Indonesia 2017 are scheduled to visit a total of 15 breathtaking destinations within the archipelago. From the magical allure of Wakatobi to the cultural richness of Bali and Lombok, from the picturesque landscapes of Flores to the captivating beauty of Labuan Bajo, the route promises an unforgettable exploration of Indonesia’s diverse offerings.

### Highlighted Destinations
#### Wakatobi
Wakatobi, known for its pristine diving sites, promises an exhilarating underwater experience. The vibrant marine life and crystal-clear waters of Wakatobi attract diving enthusiasts from around the world.

#### Bali
Bali, with its rich culture, stunning beaches, and vibrant arts scene, offers a perfect blend of relaxation and exploration. From ancient temples to lush rice terraces, Bali captivates visitors with its diverse attractions.

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#### Lombok
Lombok, an island east of Bali, presents a more laid-back atmosphere and is known for its beautiful beaches, lush forests, and the majestic Mount Rinjani, an active volcano and the second-highest peak in Indonesia.

#### Flores
Flores, an island renowned for its natural beauty and unique cultural heritage, is home to the famous Komodo National Park and the mesmerizing tri-colored Kelimutu lakes.

#### Labuan Bajo
Labuan Bajo serves as a gateway to the Komodo National Park. Its breathtaking landscapes and the chance to witness the Komodo dragons in their natural habitat make it a must-visit destination for nature enthusiasts.

### Unforgettable Experiences
Sail Indonesia 2017 promises an array of unforgettable experiences, ranging from exploring the marine wonders of the Komodo National Park to immersing in the traditional culture of the indigenous communities scattered across the archipelago.

### The Culmination: Bangka and Bintan
The expedition will culminate with visits to Bangka and Bintan. These islands offer a tranquil atmosphere, stunning beaches, and opportunities for water sports, making them ideal for relaxation and rejuvenation after the extensive sea quest.

### Embracing Diversity and Natural Beauty
Sail Indonesia 2017 not only provides an opportunity to explore the spectacular natural beauty of the archipelago, but also offers a chance to embrace the diversity of Indonesia—its rich cultural heritage and warm hospitality.

### A Warm Welcome
The participants of Sail Indonesia 2017 are set to be welcomed by the warm and friendly locals, who are ever ready to showcase the beauty of their land and extend their hospitality to the visiting sailors.

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### Conclusion: Welcome to Wonderful Indonesia
As the fleet of 29 yachts ventures through the Indonesian archipelago, they are certain to be immersed in the sublime beauty and rich cultural tapestry of Indonesia. Sail Indonesia 2017 promises an enriching and unforgettable sea quest, providing an opportunity to explore the diverse and alluring offerings of the archipelago.