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Travel Blog Indonesia – I want to share a story about my travel experience exploring Bintan Island early last year. Hopefully this is useful for those who plan to travel to Bintan too.

Bintan is an island in the province of Riau Islands (Kepri). It is the largest island in the Riau Islands and is also the island where the provincial capital, Tanjung Pinang, is located.

Although already the largest in Riau Islands, Bintann is actually not very extensive. The area is only 2,402 km2. It is far smaller than Bali Island, which means Bintan can be completely explored in a day by car.

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Trikora Beach

From Batam, where I live, we headed to Bali by using the ferry RORO (Roll On Roll Off). We brought our own car from Batam so we could freely explore Bintan. The cost of crossing is around Rp. 200,000, including the cost of crossing for seven passengers. Yes, we traveled to Bintan in the seven of us. Extended family!

What’s on Bintan Island? Here is the summary:


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Mount Bintan is the highest mountain on Bintan Island. Even though it was the tallest, it wasn’t even 500 meters high! The hike to the top of the mountain only takes about an hour.

At the foot of Mount Bintan there is a waterfall called Gunung Bintan Waterfall. The water is clear and fresh because it comes directly from the forest at the top of the mountain. To enter here, visitors are subject to a fee of IDR 5,000 / person.

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If it’s in season, around Mount Bintan there will be those selling durian fruit. Incidentally, around this mountain there are many durian gardens. The price is certainly cheaper than in Batam.


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This is one of the prettiest beaches on Bintan Island. The location is on the east coast of the island, about 70km from the provincial capital Tanjung Pinang.

Have you ever seen large granite stones on the coast of Belitung Island? Bintan also has a beach like that. Not only large rocks, but clean white sand with clear blue water. Coconut trees are lined up along the beach. Anyway, the perfect beach tourism parameter!

Trikora Beach stretches for tens of kilometers. One of the prettiest is in Trikora III. It is located in the Village of Malang Rapay, Kec. Mount Kijang. Here there are small gazebos that we can rent for IDR 50,000 a day.

It is the largest city in Bintan and is also the provincial capital. In the early days of independence, Tanjung Pinang was once the capital of Riau Province before finally being moved to Pekanbaru.

Tanjung Pinang is a quiet and traffic-free city. Suitable for a place to stay when traveling to Bintan. In Tanjung Pinang, there are dozens of hotels ranging from jasmine class to star hotels. Just adjust to your pocket. Hotel reservations can be made via www.reservasi.com

Tanjung Pinang is also a suitable place to pamper your tongue with typical Malay culinary delights. Anyway, the indigenous people of Bintan and Tanjung Pinang are the Malays. Their native language is exactly the same as the Malay Upin-Ipin!

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Some of the Malay dishes that you must try in Tanjung Pinang include, Otak-Otak, Gonggong, spicy tamarind fish and fish head curry. Uuu makes you curious right?


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During our last seconds in Bintan, we took the time to visit Lagoi. Lagoi is an exclusive tourist area on the island of Bintan. It is said to be exclusive because the market being chased is Singaporean and Malaysian tourists. Local tourists can also stay here as long as they can. Understandably all the calculations are in dollars.

Only by paying Rp. 5,000 / car, we can enter the Lagoi area. We are free to enter the parks and the Lagoi Bay area. At Lagoi Bay there is a plaza and a beautiful beach.

At Lagoi there is also Treasure Bay, a swimming pool that is said to be the largest swimming pool in Southeast Asia. By paying Rp. 100,000, we can freely swim and take advantage of several available rides.

Unfortunately on my last visit I had not had the opportunity to visit Treasure Bay. Maybe God kept it for me as an excuse to visit Bintan again.

Conclusion during a trip in Bintan: Bintan is a pearl in the Riau Islands. You guys must visit!

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