Enjoy the Enchantment of Tanjung Pakis Beach, Karawang which is suitable to accompany this weekend

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Travel Blog Indonesia – Old date but still on vacation? no need to worry. You can still take a vacation to Tanjung Pakis Beach, Karawang which is full of charm and very exciting.

Is one of the tourist attractions in Krawang Regency, West Java. To be able to vacation on this beach, you don’t need to spend a large budget you know. The number of tourists who visit Tanjung Pakis Beach Karawang every day.

This beach is completely protected and very clean. Because it is one of the best tourism potentials that you can find in the Karawang area. To get to Tanjung Pakis Beach, Karawang is also not too difficult.

How to get to Tanjung Pakis Beach, Karawang

For those of you who are visiting Karawang for the first time, try to bring a private vehicle or rent with friends and family. Because, access to the beach is not available public transportation at all. But even so, this beach is almost never empty of visitors who are very enthusiastic about spending their weekend holidays.

There are several alternatives that you can try. First, you can go through Babelan District, Bekasi Regency, for those of you who are going to start the journey from Cibitung. And the second alternative that you can try is, by using the road underpass which you can pass before entering the West Karawang Toll.

The easiest route you can take is through the city of Bekasi. If you are still confused, you can try the following method; From Bekasi Regency, please take the road towards At-Taqwa Mosque and then take the straight direction all the way to Babelan.

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Not far from there, there are many directions that will take you to Tanjung Pakis Beach. But, before that you have to cross the border road between Bekasi – Karawang Regency, if you are confused you can make a large river that has an iron bridge in the middle. Usually the local people call it Muara Gembong.

After arriving at Muara Gembong, you still have to use a raft and ask local residents to help you cross to Tanjung Pakis Beach, Karawang. You only need to spend Rp. 2,000, you can already cross it by the local people.

Facilities available at Tanjung Pakis Beach, Karawang

  • Toilet
  • Shop
  • Prayer room
  • Parking lot

Tanjung Pakis Beach Entrance Ticket Prices, Karawang

Do you intend to visit Tanjung Pakis Beach Karawang on an old date like this? No need to worry, because the entrance ticket price you need to spend is not too expensive, you know. Just pay IDR 25,000, you can relax and play water on this beach.

Well, for those of you who intend to stay and spend the night around Tanjung Pakis Beach, Karawang is also very good. Around the beach, providing lodging at a price range that is still quite friendly in this old date. The price range offered is very diverse, starting from IDR 100,000 to IDR 300,000 per night. Just choose the one that fits the budget in your pocket.

Location of Tanjung Pakis Beach, Karawang

Located in Tanjung Pakis Village, Pakisjaya, Karawang Regency, West Java, approximately 70 kilometers from the center of Karawang Regency, you must visit this place on the weekend. Another exciting thing that you can do if you have set foot on Tanjung Pakis Beach is that you can collect the many shell houses that are scattered along the sand of this beach. How exciting isn’t it ?!

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