Enchantment of the beauty of the Green Bay Virgin Beach Banyuwangi

Travel Blog Indonesia Banyuwangi may only be known for its Ketapang port. This is one of the accesses to Bali by land route. When the holidays arrive, Ketapang Port will be very crowded. In fact, the beaches around Ketapang Port are also used as tourist attractions, especially at night while enjoying the shining lights around the Harbor.

Unsurprisingly, it turns out that Banyuwangi has many very beautiful tourist charms. One of them is the charm of the green bay of Sarongan Pesanggaran Banyuwangi, East Java or popularly known as Green Bay Banyuwangi. The specialty of this beach is because the sea water is green on the edge and then turns blue in the middle of the ocean. With clean white sand, it’s like you are traveling on the beaches of Lombok and Bali.

Enchantment of the beauty of the Green Bay Virgin Beach - Enchantment of the beauty of the Green Bay Virgin Beach Banyuwangi

Green Bay Beach is located in the Meru Betiri National Park area, Sarongan Village, Pesanggrahan District, Banyuwangi, East Java. The distance from the city of Banyuwangi is about 90 kilometers which can be reached in approximately two hours of travel. Access to Green Bay is not only accessible by land access. Access from the sea can also be passed via the Rajagwesi coastal route by renting a boat.

The reason why you have to come here is because this Banyuwangi Green Bay tourist spot has a landscape similar to Tanjung Layar Bayah, Banten. Apart from being a virgin, several spots have their own beauty. For example, there is a waterfall on the beach surrounded by beautiful rocks. The waterfall with a height of about 8 meters is often used as a natural rinse place. Interesting right?

1600347976 468 Enchantment of the beauty of the Green Bay Virgin Beach - Enchantment of the beauty of the Green Bay Virgin Beach Banyuwangi

This Green Bay Beach became known by netizens in mid-2015. Until now, several travelers have started to make this tourist spot one of the must-visit destinations. Because the road to this virgin place is steep and rocky, only a few travelers have come back here to enjoy the natural beauty of Banyuwangi Green Bay.

Green Bay Beach is relatively safe for swimming. The waves are not too dangerous but you still have to be vigilant. What is even more interesting is that in the same place there is Batu beach. True, this beach is called a rock because the coastline is not covered in soft white sand, but is almost entirely covered by clean rocks. The arrangement of the rocks at Batu Beach seems to have been neatly arranged. In fact, these rocks are arranged naturally.

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1600347978 477 Enchantment of the beauty of the Green Bay Virgin Beach - Enchantment of the beauty of the Green Bay Virgin Beach Banyuwangi

Some residents said that the origin of the rocks came after the Batu beach was hit by big waves around 1994. Initially this beach was the same as the beach in Green Bay which has soft white sand. But after the devastating waves, the sand on Batu Beach is naturally covered with rocks which add to the uniqueness of Batu Beach. Until now this beach has been named by residents as Pantai Batu.

The distance between Batu beach and Green Bay monitoring is not too far, only about 300 meters. It’s just that the existence of Green Bay is indeed very hidden. Even on the east and west coast of Green Bay, there are high corals that make it difficult to access if traversed along the coast. The access that is usually used as a passageway to Teluk Hijau Beach is a small forest at the end of the Pantai Batu path.

1600347980 674 Enchantment of the beauty of the Green Bay Virgin Beach - Enchantment of the beauty of the Green Bay Virgin Beach Banyuwangi

The path is indeed one of the access roads that residents often use to get to Teluk Hijau Beach from Pantai Batu. You will not forget the experience of heading to Green Bay Beach. During the trip to Green Bay Beach, you will be treated to a variety of beautiful views and passing through several natural river flows. The waves can always be heard from a distance when passing through a small forest. His voice makes you want to arrive at Banyuwangi Green Bay.

The beauty of Green Bay Beach is not enough for you to enjoy in a day. If you really plan to set up a tent, it’s best to coordinate with the manager at Rajegwesi. The Green Bay area is an area located in the Meru Betiri National Park. It is feared that you will meet wild animals who are also traveling to the beach. So, it’s best if you coordinate with Meru Betiri National Park officials, guys.

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1600347982 12 Enchantment of the beauty of the Green Bay Virgin Beach - Enchantment of the beauty of the Green Bay Virgin Beach Banyuwangi

One of the highlights is the charm of the natural beach with its charming waterfall. The existence of a natural waterfall on Green Bay Beach makes this Green Bay Beach even more special. The location of the waterfall is not too far from Teluk Hijau Beach, only about 21 meters. Enjoying the beauty of the waterfall is the most fitting indeed during the rainy season, because during the rainy season the river water flow is rising. However, it does not make road access easier. During the rainy season the road access will be more challenging because it is slippery. Be careful, ok.

Guide to Banyuwangi Green Bay, East Java

  • From Banyuwangi, follow the road signs to Pesanggrahan District, Banyuwangi. Until now, there is no direct public transportation from Banyuwangi to Green Bay. However, you can rent a Land Rover or a Trooper type vehicle to Rajegwesi.
  • If using your own vehicle, it is advisable to use a two-wheeled vehicle or a higher vehicle as long as it is not a sedan. Because the road from the PTPN XII plantation will turn into a road off-road.
  • While at the Rajegwesi Post you have to pay a fee of Rp. 7,500, – per person.
  • For motorbike parking Rp. 5,000, four-wheeled vehicles Rp. 10,000 and six-wheeled vehicles Rp. 50,000
  • From the residential area of ​​Rajegwesi the journey can be continued by walking about 2 kilometers to Green Bay. Although motorbike taxis are also available or by sea by renting a boat.
  • The trekking journey is not easy, because the terrain will pass through cliffs and valleys that are guaranteed to make you sweat. Make sure you use comfortable footwear because you will also pass several river estuaries.
  • Renting a boat from Rajegwesi costs around Rp. 25,000 (one way) and Rp 35,000 (round trip) per person. Travel time is only about 15 minutes. For those who bring toddlers and parents are advised to use a boat because the road is really draining and requires sufficient stamina to get to Green Bay.
  • The land route from Rajegwesi to Green Bay is relatively downhill with various terrain roads. On the other hand, it is quite challenging because the track is uphill. If you want to save energy, it is recommended that when leaving by land and returning you can use the sea route.
  • You better bring your own food and drink supplies. But keep in mind, please bring back the trash. Green Bay is a protected place and not an ordinary tourist spot. So, please come together to keep clean.
  • We recommend that you bring a first aid kit or personal medicine, because the location of the Green Bay beach is quite far from residential areas as well as from hospitals.
  • Also prepare a raincoat, especially during the rainy season between November and February.
  • Just a suggestion, it’s better to use mountain sandals. Besides being easy to dry, when you go by land, you will find several small river estuaries. Especially if you play on the beach and Green Bay waterfall, you will not be far from the water.
  • As has been said so many times, don’t leave any traces other than footprints and don’t take a single copy of the image.
  • Travel Blog Indonesia informs that hidden tourist spots like this are not to be damaged, especially if you take action vandalism in a virgin place like this. The main goal is so that you can also have a picnic, also so that you understand the majesty of nature and enjoy the beauty of the pieces of heaven in the South of Banyuwangi.
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Map Towards Green Bay Banyuwangi, East Java

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