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Echo Beach is one of the most favorite surfing locations in Bali. This place is also better known by its nickname compared to its real name, “Pantai Batu Mejan”. The name Batu Mejan Beach is obtained from a Hindu temple on site. With beautiful views of the rice fields, this beach is becoming popular because of its extraordinary coral rock.

Entrance Ticket Prices at Echo Beach

If you are looking for tourist attractions in Bali that don’t require a lot of budget to enjoy them, you must visit this beach. to enjoy the beauty of Echo Beach, you don’t have to pay a penny.

This black sand beach is located about 35 kilometers southwest of Kuta and Seminyak, and 14 kilometers from the capital Denpasar. For tourists staying at luxury resorts around Canggu, this beach area can be reached in 45 minutes from NgurahRai International Airport.

Passing through the Seminyak area, this trip will then take you to the rice fields that are still well maintained. Echo Beach is located at the end of Jalan Pantai Batu Mejan.

Attractions on Echo Beach

1. Swimming

Due to the sloping condition of the beach, this beach can be used as a place to swim because the beach conditions are very supportive and not dangerous. Not only for adults who are already swimming fluently, children can also enjoy swimming in this area (with supervision, of course). When finished, the children can continue to play with sand.

2. Soaking in a Natural Pool

The most interesting thing about this beach is the area filled with rocks so it looks very beautiful. Apart from bathing, this area can also be used as a place to feel soaking in a natural pool.

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3. Fishing

If you like fishing, among the rocks that line the Echo Beach area, you can find groupers that you can fish for. Besides being fun, you can use them as consumption if you come with friends or family.

4. Bask

The name is also a beach, of course incomplete if we don’t enjoy sunbathing in the hot sun. This beach is still not that crowded compared to other beaches so you can choose the most comfortable place for sunbathing.

5. Visit Tanah Lot Temple

Tanah lot means “land in the middle of the ocean”. This is a temple dedicated to Dewa Baruna, located jutting out into the sea about 100 meters from the shoreline. This temple can be reached in about 15 minutes from Echo Beach, not right in Canggu, but very close. It is one of the seven temples in Bali which is located in the middle of the water. This place is also often used to watch the sunset.

For the best experience, walk a few hundred meters to the right of the temple and you will find a smaller temple connected to an island by a natural bridge formed from rocks and crashing waves. Here, there are fewer people and you can enjoy nature more deeply.

6. Horseback Riding

If you enjoy horse riding, you can try horse riding at the Bali Equstrian Center, which is located about 1 kilometer from Echo Beach, precisely in Pererenan. All the horses here are very well groomed so you don’t have to worry about hygiene problems.

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This place provides beach and village tours that are suitable for both adults and children from the age of 7. For younger children, this place also provides ponies to ride.

7. Visit the Splash Water Park and the Canggu Club Trampoline

Try gliding on the water and feel the sensation of flying at the Canggu Club. This place is suitable for children and adults who are young at heart. In this place, you can also find a giant trampoline that is suitable for all ages. The good news is, you don’t have to go far because the Canggu Club is only 10 minutes from Echo Beach.

8. Playing golf at Nirwana Golf Course

Nirwana Golf Course is a golfing location that can be reached in 15 minutes from Echo Beach which is near Tanah Lot. This well-designed location has views of the rice fields and the ocean. In fact, you can also see this famous temple from several points on the golf course.

9. Visit the “Secret” Temple

Bali has many famous temples that attract the attention of tourists, but there are also many smaller temples around the Echo Beach area. One of the favorites of tourists is hidden behind stalls in Batu Bolong, only 1 kilometer south of the beach. Even though you can’t enter this temple, you can see a lot by just walking around it.


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