Easy Ways to Make an Australian Tourist Visa Update Latest

visa australia - Easy Ways to Make an Australian Tourist Visa Update Latest

Travel Blog Indonesia If a traveler friend is an independent traveler who likes to take care of everything himself, these tips on how to arrange a tourist visa from Australia on your own will definitely be of great benefit. It is also said that applying for a visa is something complicated bin difficult. But if you read the writing on how to make an Australian visa carefully, everything will look easy.

Especially now that several countries have appointed several agents for the problem of making tourist visas. Like Australia, in this case it appointed AVAC (PT VFS) as the main agent to deal with Australian visa issues in Indonesia. Keep in mind, apart from special types of visas such as the Australian Working Holiday Visa, there is a Tourist Visa that many tourists use when going to Australia.

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So friends who will apply for an Australian visa will deal directly with them, not to the Australian embassy. PT VFS will act as an intermediary between traveler friends and the Australian embassy. For more detailed information about PT VFS, traveler friends can visit vfsglobal.com

Tips mudah Cara Mudah Membuat Visa Turis Australia - Easy Ways to Make an Australian Tourist Visa Update Latest

So now it is getting easier for Australia tourist visa. Traveler friends only need to prepare the conditions for applying for an Australian visa as below.

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Australian Visa Document Requirements

  • A completed Tourist Visa Application Form, Tourist visa form (Subclass 600) can be downloaded here.
  • A list of the documents required and prepared can be seen here.
  • Original passport that is still valid for at least 6 months.
  • Old passport that is no longer valid (if there is an old passport).
  • Photocopy of ID card.
  • Copy of Family Card.
  • Copy of Birth Certificate.
  • Copy of Marriage Certificate (if married).
  • Copy of NPWP.
  • Copy of ID Card / Driving License for Invitation Letter maker.
  • Copy of Birth Certificate for Invitation Letter maker.
  • Copy of Passport Invitation Letter maker.
  • Original Permit from husband / wife, if traveling alone without husband / wife
    Original Sponsor Letter from the Employer. The contents of this letter are explaining that we really work in that place. And ensure we will return to work and not to settle in Australia with this tourist visa. For wives or husbands who are involved and working, you should also include the Company’s Original Sponsor Letter, if the wife or husband is not working, the name of the wife / husband / child under his / her dependence can be included in the company’s sponsorship letter.
  • 3 × 4 and 4 × 6 photographs, white background, 1 sheet each, showing face zoom.
  • Photocopy of Savings Account Statement, for the last 3 months. There is no definite number regarding this checking account, who knows how many tens of millions to be approved. What is certain is the embassy will only ensure that we have enough funds while in Oz. The safest cost of living there per day 100-200 AUD. Just multiply the length of vacation time in Australia.
  • Original Invitation Letter from friends / relatives residing in Australia (If Any). Make sure to send a scanned invitation letter before sending via post, and send it as registered post. Mostly, if sent via regular mail, it doesn’t reach the destination. The scanned invitation letter can be used first if the original is still being sent. It would be more convincing if the Invitation Letter was made by a Native Australian (native Australian citizen) or at least a Permanent Resident.
  • Original Power of Attorney on stamp duty, if it represents visa processing to someone else.
  • The Australian Subclass 600 tourist visa fee is AUD 135 (prices subject to change). Next …
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