Don't admit to being a culinary lover of the archipelago if you haven't tried these 8 Indonesian porridge


Travel Blog Indonesia – Porridge is one of the many delicious culinary delights in the archipelago. This one food does have a unique taste. The combination of soft and dense textures in the porridge makes it successfully loved by all circles.

Even though this food was adapted from Chinese culinary delights, the porridge dish in Indonesia is quite unique and varied. Some use the basic ingredients of rice to rice flour, some are served with yellow broth to pecel spices, some have a delicious to sweet taste sensation.

Don’t admit that you are a culinary lover of the archipelago if you have never tried one of the following Indonesian porridge ranges.

Cirebon Chicken Porridge

Dont admit to being a lover of Indonesian culinary delights - Don't admit to being a culinary lover of the archipelago if you haven't tried these 8 Indonesian porridge

For this one typical Indonesian porridge, you must have often enjoyed it. This typical Cirebon chicken porridge is usually served with yellow broth, shredded chicken, soybeans, cakwe, fried onions, celery leeks, chips, and crackers.

Usually there are complements such as quail egg satay, intestines, or liver gizzard. This one food is very easy to find, especially when you are culinary at a street food place.

Manado porridge

This typical Manado porridge which has the original name of tinutuan porridge is also no less popular, you know. In fact, many say that this is the healthiest porridge dish because it is made from various types of vegetables such as pumpkin, spinach, corn, kale, gedi leaves, and basil.

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To make it even more delicious, this tinutuan porridge is also equipped with salted fish, sambal roa, or nike cakes. This culinary breakfast is sure to be really yummy!

Apart from broth, porridge can also be served with pecel complete with vegetables and crackers, you know. Well, you will often meet this pecel porridge dish when you stop by in the Central Java and Yogyakarta areas. The deliciousness of the porridge combined with the peanut sauce pecel that still feels crunchy and the fresh vegetables are guaranteed to make you addicted. It won’t be enough if you just eat one portion.

Porridge Ase

This typical Indonesian porridge is indeed rather rare and difficult to find. In fact, this Betawi specialty has a very unique taste, you know. Ase stands for Asinan and Semur. You can imagine the combination of spicy and sour flavors from pickles combined with sweet stews and savory porridge.

While other porridge is usually eaten warm, the ase porridge is even more delicious when eaten cold. The taste is fresher.

Marrow porridge

Bubur marrow is one type of sweet porridge that you must have tried often. Made from rice flour, this porridge has a texture like bone marrow. Usually served with coconut milk and brown sugar, salak seeds, pearls, and black sticky rice. Porridge marrow is often served as a delicious afternoon snack.

Manggul porridge

When viewed from its shape, this mango porridge is very similar to marrow porridge because the ingredients are made from rice flour. But, you can only know the difference when you enjoy it. Mango porridge has a taste that tends to be savory. This flavor is created from coconut serundeng, coconut milk sauce, and shrimp seasoning which are the toppings. The most famous mangosteen porridge is in Pasar Atom, Surabaya.

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Champion Porridge

This championship porridge originating from the Minangkabau area is basically the same as marrow porridge. It’s just that the presentation is made more complete with the presence of banana compote, black sticky rice, green beans, cenil, and srikaya. There is historical value behind this delicious Indonesian porridge.

Champion porridge was created in 1960 after the war. To restore the post-war trauma, traditional leaders organized a congee creation competition. The name of this champion is also taken from the word champion which means a winner.

Kanji Rumbi Porridge

Because it comes from the Aceh region, you will feel the rich taste of spices when you enjoy the rumbi starch porridge. Although served simply with shredded chicken or shrimp topping, this porridge still feels special with the presence of typical Indonesian spices. It is best if you enjoy this porridge when the weather is cloudy and cold.

Spicy Porridge

Even though it is called spicy porridge, the culinary taste of this one is not at all “sharp” and it is very tasty. You will easily find this typical Malay culinary in the West Kalimantan area. Because the way to make spicy porridge is quite unique by first roasting and grinding the rice, the taste you get will certainly be different. Moreover, the additional ingredients such as grated coconut, sweet potato, water spinach, bean sprouts, bamboo shoots, ferns, kesum leaves, and meat make this culinary taste even more special.
Toppings in the form of anchovies and fried peanuts crunchy It tastes perfect when paired with the soft, spicy pulp. Don’t forget to add chili sauce and lime, so that the spicy porridge feels even more lazy!


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