Do you already know the new tariff for climbing Mount Rinjani?

tarif pendakian gunung rinjani - Do you already know the new tariff for climbing Mount Rinjani?
Mount Rinjani (

Travel Blog Indonesia – Did you know that at the beginning of the new year 2017 a new tariff was introduced for climbing Mount Rinjani?

The new tariff for climbing Mount Rinjani was submitted by the Head of the Section for Administration of the Mount Rinjani National Park (TNGR) in the TNGR Sembalun office hall at the end of last year, based on information compiled from various sources by the team. Reservation (10/4/2017).

New rates for climbing Mount Rinjani

The new tariff for climbing Mount Rinjani has been officially implemented in January 2017.

Foreign tourists on weekdays (Monday – Thursday) will be charged IDR 150,000 per day for one person, while for holidays IDR 225,000 per day for one person.

Then, what about you, who are local tourists?

You will be charged a rate of IDR 5,000 / day for one person on weekdays, while on holidays you need to spend IDR 7,500 per day per one person.

So how much total funds must be prepared to climb Mount Rinjani?

Usually climbing Mount Rinjani takes up to 4 days 3 nights.

So, if it is calculated that foreign tourists have to pay IDR 600,000 – IDR 900,000, while you only need to pay around IDR 20,000 – IDR 30,000 for one hike.

Indeed, the new tariff for climbing Mount Rinjani is quite significant, when compared to the previous price of only IDR 2,500 for local tourists, while IDR 20,000 for foreign tourists.

However, the beauty that you will see on Mount Rinjani is not worth the money you spend IDR 20,000 – IDR 30,000.

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