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Dadapan Beach is located at the western end of Wonogiri and the eastern tip of Yogyakarta, so it is the border between Central Java and Yogyakarta. More precisely, this beach is now one of the tourist destinations in Jepitu Village, Girisubo District, Gunung Kidul Regency, Yogyakarta.

This beach is known as a very small beach when compared to other beaches in Gunung Kidul. In addition, this beach is still very natural and lacks facilities such as lodging, parking, and so on. However, this beach has its own characteristics that become an attraction for tourists.

Price of admission

Actually there is no special entrance ticket to Dadapan Beach. Visitors only have to pay a fee when they are on Wediombo beach, which is IDR 5,000, including Greweng, Sedahan, and other beaches in the vicinity.

Visitors who bring vehicles such as motorbikes or cars must also pay parking fees in the Wediombo beach area because the road to Dadapan Beach is very difficult and steep for two-wheeled or four-wheeled vehicles.

Dadapan Beach is located far from the highway and the city crowd. Therefore, to get there from the city center takes quite a lot of time. Likewise, it cannot be passed only by two-wheeled vehicles or cars, because the path to get there is a path that must be traversed on foot.

The journey can be started from Jalan Raya Wonosari using two-wheeled transportation because the road is still unpaved. Furthermore, it can be continued by walking for about 2 km because the road is steep and has to go through a coral hill about 40 meters high. After that, you can only arrive at Dadapan Beach.

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If you depart from the center of Yogyakarta, you can go straight to Wonosari road then continue towards Wediombo beach which is behind Wediombo Hill. Then continue walking east until you find a gate to enter Wonogiri Regency. There are residential areas, plantations and agriculture. Furthermore, visitors can also ask local residents.

Meanwhile, if you depart from Solo, you can take the route Surakarta – Grogol – Jl Setya Darma – Jl Cuplik Telukan – Jl Cuplik Sukoharjo – Jl Anggrek – Jl Sutowijoyo – Jl Manyaran – Jl Pracimantoro and get to Wonogiri. Then head to Joho – Jl Wonosari-Praci – Jeruk Legi – Ngrancah, where there is a puskesmas and take a right direction – Jepitu T-junction and take a left towards Wediombo. After the TPR (Levy Collection Place) and before arriving at Wediombo take a left turn towards Sedahan beach there it is getting closer to Dadapan beach.

Interesting thing

1. Treat Natural Scenery that is Still Natural

Around Dadapan Beach, there are many green palm trees that add to the natural beauty around. The view of the blue sea can make tourists’ eyes fresher and enjoy it.

So, there will be presented with pristine natural scenery because there are no settlements around the coast. Around the beach there are also many palm trees that can be used to take shelter from the hot sun by visitors.

2. Sambil Beach Tour Tracking

For those of you who like challenges like tracking, hiking and the like, this tour is an alternative for traveling while traveling. The path to this beach is very steep, in the form of rocks or soil which are difficult to pass by vehicles, so it requires to be reached by foot.

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3. White Sand Beach

Suddenly it is included in a white sand beach, it’s just that there is quite a lot of trash carried by the currents of the ocean waves. So, visitors should also participate to keep this beach clean while there.

Even so, it does not reduce the beauty of the beach because there are still many tourists visiting this beach. Visitors can just play sand and volleyball on this beach, especially for children.

4. Amazing Rock Hills

The right and left sides of the beach have sharp coral hills that beautify the surrounding scenery. These rocks flank Dadapan beach so that it adds to the beauty of the beach. Not only that, this coral hill makes the splash of sea waves sound more beautiful.

5. Beautiful Waves Sound

When there are waves in the ocean, then the waves hit the rocks, they will sound quite peaceful and look beautiful. The waves there are also very friendly for visitors so that it is safe for visitors who are playing by the sea.

6. Butterflies Greeting

When visitors arrive at the impromptu beach, they will be greeted by butterflies flying here and there. Tired of visitors after traveling hard and far, it will pay off with the beauty of the beach butterflies there. So, as if tourists are visiting the beach feeling of a garden

7. Boundary Beach

As it is located in the middle of the border between Central Java and Yogyakarta, this beach can be said to be a unique beach. On one of the rocks on the Dadapan beach there is a sign of a kind of white stakes as the border of the area. Tourists who visit this beach seem to have traveled in two regions at once, where they can see the natural border between Yogyakarta and Central Java.

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8. The origin behind the name Dadapan Beach

As the name implies, around this beach there are lots of ‘dadap’ trees but now these trees are rarely found. Dadapan Beach is also often referred to as the Mangetan beach because of its location at the easternmost tip of Yogyakarta.

So are a few reviews about Dadapan beach that can be a solution for your natural tourism. This Dadapan beach tour is very cheap, so it can be reached by every group of employees, students, and so on.


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