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East Java Province has indeed become one of the provinces that is rich in marine and culinary tourism objects in Indonesia. This is reasonable because of its location on the island of Java and the existence of good natural resources (SDA). Not only that, Human Resources (HR) in East Java also support the development of tourism. Although what is known for its beautiful beaches in Indonesia is Bali Island, it seems that East Java does not want to be outdone. Namely one of the beaches that is called a paradise on earth because of its natural beauty and turquoise sea, Coro Beach. Even though in Javanese coro means cockroach, don’t confuse this beach with these disgusting animals.

Entrance Fee on Coro Beach

The origin of the name Coro is said by local people due to accident, but instead it becomes the official name of the beach. This beach is said to be suitable for those of you who like extreme sports such as hiking and walking long distances. This is because Coro Beach is hidden away so it requires all visitors on foot to arrive and set foot. In fact, there is no entrance ticket to Coro Beach, but because it is now starting to be in demand and looking for tourists, rates are charged. The entrance ticket price is IDR 5,000 / person, the parking fee for the vehicle that is brought, for example a car or motorbike, is charged a different fee. For two-wheeled vehicles, the parking ticket is Rp. 5,000 and for four-wheeled vehicles, Rp. 10,000. Coro Beach is a new marine tourism object in Tulungagung, so the existing facilities are not as adequate as other objects. On this beach, a makeshift bathroom is provided, not like a proper bathroom in general, but still usable. Related to food and beverage sellers, you will find them along the road to Coro Beach. This beach is often used by nature-loving troops for camping because getting to Coro Beach is not easy. You have to park the vehicle around the residents’ houses, then walk for a maximum of 40 minutes. The terrain that is traversed on foot will worsen when rainy weather arrives because the ground becomes muddy and waterlogged.

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The distance of Coro Beach from downtown Tulungagung is 33 kilometers and takes one hour if the road is smooth. The route you have to take is from Jalan Pesantren, go straight ahead to the south. After the fifth intersection, turn right towards the west and you will pass a cafe. Keep going straight ahead following the current until the third big intersection, then turn left. Follow the current road towards Jalan Raya Pucung Kidul, Boyolangu area until you find a market, then turn left. By then you have arrived at Jalan Ki Mangun Sarkoro and continue to follow the road straight ahead or towards the south. Continue on to Jalan Raya Pojok Campurdarat and Jalan Raya Pelem and Jalan Kanigoro and you will find a market. From the market take the road to the left towards Jalan Raya Pogoh, continue to follow the road until Jalan Neyama. From Jalan Neyama turn left and from there it only takes 12 minutes to arrive at Coro Beach.

Tourism Objects on Coro Beach

1. White sand beach

Finding white sandy beaches on the island of Java may be a bit difficult because most of the beaches are brown sand. However, this is what is interesting about Coro Beach, its white and clean sand, which makes it crowded with visitors. Because the sand is clean, this beach is safe to be used as a tourist location with your little one who likes playing sand.

2. The sea is captivating

If you visit East Java, especially Tulungagung, there is nothing wrong with trying Coro Beach, which is located in Reco Sewu. This beach presents a beautiful sea view with turquoise sea colors that are ready to refresh the eye. Because of the beautiful scenery, this location is suitable as a place to be instagramable to beautify feed You.

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3. Coral

Coro Beach is a beach filled with corals so that it adds to the beauty presented to tourists who come. The presence of corals has a positive and negative impact on the beach itself. The bad impact is that this beach cannot be used for swimming because of the large waves so it is strictly forbidden to play water because it is dangerous. However, the positive impact of corals, namely the presence of corals, adds to the beauty of Coro Beach and adds to the attraction of any tourist. This coral makes the underwater scenery presented very beautiful and clear with its various biotas. Coro Beach is very suitable for those of you who like loneliness to visit with natural scenery, especially the charming sea.


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