Cool, This Portable Tent Generates Solar Power

Cinch Pop-up Tents

Travel Blog Indonesia – Almost all mountain climbers feel how complicated it is to set up and also repack the tent. Not much different from how Jake Jackson designed the tent portable that generates this solar power. Apart from functioning as a shelter, this portable tent can also be a source of electricity from the solar power it produces.

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This Ternda is known as the Cinch Pop Up Tent. The reason is because it does not require too much effort to build it, it can even be done alone. This is the work of Jackson designing his own tent for nearly four years.

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Jackson is a fan of camping, but not his tent. From that experience, Jackson was sparked to make his own tent design. This tent design was finally warmly welcomed by sports fans outdoors especially mountain climbers.

This tent is priced at around $ 225 US dollars. If calculated in rupiah currency the price is around 3 million rupiah. Cinch Tent has two models with capacities for two and four people. This price includes LED lights and a backpack to store and carry this portable tent. For the needs of the solar power alone, you have to add to the cost of around $ 135 or 1.7 million rupiah. Interested in having it?

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