Complete Travel Guide to Turkey for First Time Visit

Travel Blog Indonesia – There are hundreds of tourist attractions in Turkey that can enchant a traveler from all over the world. Yes, nThe charm of these two continents will never lose its charm.

If you want to experience a mix of eastern and western cultures in everyday life, it is a must to come and do a Turkish tour.

Before leaving, it’s good to find out all kinds of information there. Starting from Turkish currency, visa arrangements, Turkish tour guide fees to sentences that can be used in an emergency.

Well, all of that is in full discussion in this article. Listen one by one, let’s!

Visa on Arrival (VoA) or e-Visa


To visit Turkey as an Indonesian citizen, the conditions needed are not that difficult. The process of obtaining a visa is also not difficult because there are two options, namely Visa on Arrival (VoA) and e-Visa.

1. Visa on Arrival (VoA)

This type of visa can be taken care of when we arrive at the destination country. Just come to the VoA management counter at the airport and pay on the spot for 25 USD.

However, if you want to take care of this visa when you get there, you must be prepared with the possibility of snaking queues at the counter.

Especially if the moment comes rush hour and in the holiday season. Plus, managing VoA must be in cash and cannot pay using a credit card.

2. E-Visa

So, processing e-Visa is arguably easier. Just prepare a computer and a good internet connection and a credit card that has a Visa or Mastercard logo.

First, open the site Pre-Application System of Turkish Sticker Visa. Check the option “I want to start a new application”, then continue the next session until “Proceed to e-Visa”. Furthermore, it will be immediately directed e-Visa website.

From there you can immediately continue making e-Visa and pay 25.70 USD. Once verified, the e-Visa can be downloaded directly as a pdf file and ready to print.

Sentences that must be known before a vacation to Turkey

Hello: Feeling

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Yes : Evet

Not : Hayır

How many? : Ne levels?

Please: Lutfen

thank you : Teşekkür ederim

What? : Ne?

When? : Ne era?

Please! : Yardım et!


The transportation system in Turkey is classified as advanced and systematic. So, it is highly recommended to take public transportation.

If you really want to take a taxi, it’s free, it’s just that in a big city like Istanbul you have to spend a lot. It is not even possible that the meter will reach one million rupiah for a short distance when the road is congested.

The following are various other public transportation options that can be an option according to your needs while on vacation.

1. Bus

You could say this is the most economical option. The bus system in Turkey is already integrated with other transportation. So if you want to transit it won’t be too difficult.

Although there are challenges, namely the language of directions. Only in big cities such as Istanbul, Ankara, and several other cities have bilingual road signs, even in tourist areas.

However, there is no need to worry because we can easily ask local people who are known to be friendly and willing to help even with their limited English.

From Ataturk airport, you can use the Havataş bus which operates from 04.00-01.00 and departs every 30 minutes. The route starts from the airport to Taksim Square, precisely in front of The Hotel Point. The fare is only 10 TL per person.

2. Metro

The subway in Turkey or what is often called Metro is the second oldest in the world because it has been operating since January 17, 1875. Tickets are very affordable, 2.3 TL one-way (around 11,500 rupiah). The good thing is, one Metro card can be used for several people at once.

3. Tramvay

Read: / tremwey /. This tram is in Istanbul and is one of the oldest trams in the world. This tram is integrated with the station in Istanbul there. There are 10 tram lines in Istanbul, to be precise 7 lines in the European part of Istanbul and 3 lines in the Asian part of Istanbul.

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Turkish currency

For transactions in Turkey, you can use the local currency, namely the Turkish Lira. There also applies currency USD or Euro in tourist areas.

However, if shopping it is better to use Lira because traders in the tourist areas of Turkey like to set prices at a lower exchange rate so it can be more expensive.

Indeed, exchanging Lira money in Indonesia is tricky. In fact, not a few Indonesian travelers find it very difficult to exchange Rupiah for Lira in Indonesia.

If you don’t have trouble, you can exchange Rupiah for Euros or USD in Indonesia, then exchange them back for Lira when you arrive in Turkey.

Or even easier, just withdraw cash at local Turkish ATMs. Based on the experience of several Indonesian travelers, once making a cash withdrawal, you will be charged a fee of 25 thousand rupiah. Usually the ATM machines that are often used by tourists are Garanti Bank and AKBANK.

SIM card smartphone

Well, here is one thing that needs to spend even more. Please note, if you want to use a smartphone from outside Turkey for more than a week you must first register with the government with passport data. The registration fee is 120 TL.

To buy a SIM card, it costs around 35-40 TL (200 thousand Rupiah), the leading providers are Avea, Turk Cell, and Vodafone. Meanwhile, internet data packages are around 30 TL (165 thousand).

If you are traveling in the style of budget traveling, you should just take advantage of the free wifi available in hostels, in restaurants, at airports and other public places.

Electric plugs

Don’t worry, the electric plugs in Turkey are the same as in Indonesia. The power supply is 220 Volt and the electric plug is two feet, so there is no need to bring an adapter.

Recommended Turkish tourist attractions

There is one thing you need to know. The next time you travel alone without a guide, you should find out some of the restrictions that are there.

In addition, when traveling without a guide, don’t miss the must-visit tourist attractions. The following are recommendations for places that can be used as references itinerary.

1. Sultan Ahmed Mosque (Blue Mosque)

Turkey is arguably a country with a thousand mosques. Not only are they numerous, but the mosques there are built with extraordinary architecture.

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Why is Sultan Ahmed Mosque also called the Blue Mosque? That is because the ceramics scattered on the walls to the dome of the mosque are dominated by blue.

When visiting the Blue Mosque, try to wear modest clothing and cover up. For women who do not wear the hijab, they will be lent a pasmina provided by the mosque.

2. Galata Bridge

No matter how busy the agenda for traveling is when you get there, take the time to stop by the Galata Bridge or Galata Bridge.

There you will find various restaurants and cafes. The best time to visit Galata Bridge is in the afternoon until evening.

3. Topkapi Palace (Topkapi Palace)

In the past, this palace was the residence of the sultan. Not only were there rooms and discussion rooms for leaders at that time, but there were also schools, dormitories, mosques and hospitals.

This palace was built in 1459, now it has been converted into a museum and anyone can visit it.

4.Capadokya (Cappadocia)

It seems that this is one tourist spot that everyone dreams of. Incomplete if you are touring Turkey but not here.

How could it not be, Cappadocia has a beautiful landscape there which is beautified again with colorful hot air balloons that decorate the sky.

5. Pamukkale

Hot spring tour in Turkey is a must-visit. In Pamukkale, you can settle for soaking in a hot pool with stunning white views.

The pool that looks like a pile of snow there is calcium metal that settles and then hardens into rock.

It is said that bathing here can cure diseases such as asthma, eye pain, and rheumatism.

Those were the recommendations for places that you must consider before leaving. Read also other Turkish tourist attractions that must be visited here.

Check out your plane tickets to Turkey now and make your travel dreams come true. Happy holiday!


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