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The beach, which is located in one of the Sukabumi districts of West Java province, is famous for its sand that is more sloping than other beaches so it can be called the prima donna because of its elegant shape. The beach, which is located not far from Pelabuhan Ratu, to be precise on the edge of the main road, namely the Cisolok highway, offers various natural offerings in the form of soft sand and blue sea. The beach, whose sand is like a wide rug, is also enlivened by various rows of restaurants or traders who sell various things seafood and young coconut ice, which is of course very unique and very suitable to be enjoyed while sitting relaxed on the beach until you see the peaceful blue waves waiting sunset or whatever sunrise.

Apart from natural facilities such as the beautiful and graceful sand prima donna, blue sea waves to the social facilities of the surrounding community in the form of typical seafood and Sukabumi snacks, Citepus Beach is also complete with various other public facilities such as a prayer room, a large parking area, toilets, shelter to souvenir merchants selling various small decorations from the marine ecosystem. Visitors who come from outside the city do not need to be confused looking for lodging or forced to go back and forth, no longer need to worry because at this tourist location there are many cheap inns from inns to hotels around Pelabuhan Ratu, which set prices starting at IDR 200,000 per night. the vacation is so relaxing with the view of the beach that is served.

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Entrance ticket prices at Citepus Beach

The beach is open every day for 24 hours with protection from local residents and lifeguard This only sets a tourist price of IDR 10,000 per motorbike or IDR 5,000 per person with a car, around IDR 30,000 without a parking ticket with a large parking lot, of course. For long holidays the price may increase slightly but is reasonable for maximum cleaning costs.

Citepus Beach is located in the Citepus area, Pelabuhan Ratu, Sukabumi Regency, West Java. Visitors from Sukabumi are certainly familiar with this beach because its location is not far from other beaches in Pelabuhan Ratu. However, for those who are still having trouble finding the main benchmark is Mala Sari Seafood Restaurant which is located only a few km from the location of Citepus Beach. If there are still difficulties, visitors can immediately search for the location of Pelabuhan Ratu because it is located not less than 20 km from there. For visitors from Central Java who use private vehicles, it is recommended to go through the Cipali toll road instead of the Pantura highway because it will save 1 hour of travel. From the Cipali Toll Road as far as 515.4 km to Sukabumi. Visitors who come from the Jakarta, Tangerang or Bekasi area can take the Jagorawi toll road and the Tangkil-Agrabinta road, which if coming from Central Jakarta will only take 3 hours 50 minutes. Visitors from Banten can go through the Pantura Highway, Merak Toll Road or if they pass Jakarta they can continue to the Tangerang Toll Road with a total travel time of about 6 hours. When arriving in West Java, visitors from both Central Java and Banten, Jakarta and its surroundings can take Jalan Raya Cisolok because this beach is not too far from the city road so it’s easy to ask and find.

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Tourism Object on Citepus Beach

1. Sloping Sand

Sloping sand is also a characteristic in itself for this beach, which is located not far from Pelabuhan Ratu Beach, where its shape which resembles a tapestry is equivalent to the Ghobi desert area in the plains of China which certainly adds to its own uniqueness, especially for photogenic enthusiasts. Due to the exotic hot sun, every visitor is advised to wear glasses.

2. The festive waves

Apart from the view and the beauty of the atmosphere, this beach as well as Cimaja Beach also has quite large waves so it is recommended for every visitor to be careful even though lifeguard ready to watch any time. Big waves here are rarely used for surf it is for sailing for both fishermen and tourists.

3. Spot free of trash

One of the highlights of this beach is its cleanliness that is maintained so that it makes this marine tourism object look beautiful and rarely visited by tourists where it is open again for public secrets if many tourists must be a lot of trash. The cleanliness of this beach is certainly not caused by the lack of tourists who visit, but there is indeed a prohibition on littering and the presence of cleaners who thanks to their services Citepus Beach is clean from trash so it is comfortable to visit.

4. Sail by boat

Visitors will also be spoiled by the presence of rental boats that will bring them closer to the waves of the beach.

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5. Fishing area

In addition to rental boats, this Wistaa Bahari area also provides a sea fishing fishing area with rented fishing equipment.

A vacation to Sukabumi will feel incomplete if you don’t visit this unique beach with its unique sand, especially for visitors who have stopped at Cibangban Beach and Cimaja Beach.


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