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Cipanarik Beach is located in Gunungbatu village, Ciracap district, Sukabumi district, West Java. The location of this beach is still included in the Ujung Genteng area which has many natural tourist destinations. Besides that, it is also still in a series of beaches at Pelabuhan Ratu.

Cipanarik Beach is not very well known as other big beaches, few people know about the existence and beauty of this beach. Even so, this beach actually presents a unique natural beauty and attracts the attention of visitors.

Entrance Ticket Prices at Cipanarik Beach

To be able to enter Cipanarik beach, there is actually no special admission fee or free. It’s just that visitors who bring private vehicles such as motorbikes or cars must be charged a parking fee of IDR 2,000 to IDR 5,000 per vehicle. So, tourism on this beach is very cheap and affordable for all people.

Access to Cipanarik beach can be done using two-wheeled or four-wheeled vehicles, but if you reach the village, it will be difficult for visitors to pass through small and quite steep roads. So, you should just use a motorbike so you can easily access the road.

To get to Cinarikan beach, you can pass through the Ujung Genteng area because it is one route. If from Bandung you can take the route Cianjur – Sukabumi – Jampang Tengah – Jampang Kulon – Surade – Ujung Genteng so that you can continue the journey to Cipanarik Beach.

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Meanwhile, from Jakarta, you can take the route Ciawi Curug – Cibadak – Cikembar – Pelabuhanratu – Jampang Kulon – Surade – Ujung Genteng until then you can continue the journey to Cipanarik Beach. If you are confused after arriving at Ujung Genteng, you should ask local residents.

Attractions in Cipanarik Beach

1. Cipanarik River Estuary

This beach has a mouth of the Cipanarik river which is very wide. The water of the Cipanarukan river is green and looks beautifully integrated with the blue sea water. This is a unique and amazing sight, where there are two types of water that combine well.

The Cipanarik River is also still relatively natural and clean, so it looks nice to look at. Visitors can take advantage of the scenery as a photo background or photo object itself, especially for those who like photography.

2. View of the Mangrove Forest River

Around this beach there is a mangrove forest river that looks natural green. The river is also very clean and flows with lush mangrove vegetation. So, it becomes a special attraction for visitors, especially those who like the outdoors and the like.

3. Suitable As A Surfing Spot

The ocean around this beach is suitable for surfing. This is because the waves of sea water are quite high and heavy. This is the main attraction for those who like to surf and the like.

Visitors who want to surf on this beach must bring their own equipment from home, because there are not many kinds of equipment available, including for surfing. Besides that, you also have to be careful when surfing, especially if the waves are very high and windy to maintain personal safety.

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4. Suitable For Camping

Cipanarik Beach has a large sand land, so it is very suitable for camping with family and friends. Camping there is more comfortable and fun because the situation is still not many visitors.

Visitors who camp on this beach should bring camping equipment and necessities from home, because the equipment is not available there. Meanwhile, for the matter of food, snacks, and drinks there are quite complete in the surrounding stalls. Visitors also have to maintain cleanliness, naturalness, and the beauty of the beach environment to keep it exotic and attractive.

5. Having Clean and Wide Beach Sand

Cipanarik Beach is a beautiful and wide beach. This is because there is not much garbage scattered about and away from the hustle and bustle of urban life. In addition, this beach also has a soft sand texture so it is very friendly for children who just want to play with sand, volleyball and soccer.

6. The Surrounding Ocean is Clean and Bluish in Color

The ocean around this beach is clean and looks bright bluish, especially when viewed from a distance, the view of the whole ocean and beach will look more exotic. There is no plastic waste and the like floating in the ocean there, so it is still completely natural.

Visitors can take advantage of the natural beauty of the beach and sea as an object of photography or as a selfie photo background and so on. In addition, you can just play water on the beach with relatively safe sea waves. Visitors can also relax while enjoying the beauty of the charming blue sea.

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7. Sunset and Sunrise views

Cipanarik Beach, which is still beautiful, offers beautiful views of the sunset and sunrise. When the sun is setting, the color of the sky above the blue sea turns yellowish and orange combined with the clear sea water. Meanwhile, when the sun comes up, it makes the sand look brighter and cleaner.

Visitors can enjoy the view which seems to add to the atmosphere of romance. Besides that, it can also be a spot or photo object with a sunset or sunrise background, considering that this is often the moment that beach tourists have been waiting for.

That is the review of Cipanarik beach which is no less interesting than the big beaches in Bali and so on. This beach can be an alternative for your natural tourist destinations with friends and family. Especially for those of you who are in the Sukabumi area themselves and should not miss this beach tourist destination.


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