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Cikembang Beach is located in Pasir Baru village, Cisolok sub-district, Sukabumi district, West Java. The location of this beach is not far from Sawarna beach which is also often visited by many tourists. Not many people know the existence and beauty of this beach. Therefore, this beach is still quite quiet and natural.

Cikembang Beach has many special attractions for visitors, apart from its natural beauty. There are many other interesting spots around this beach that are not on other beaches in Sukabumi such as views of coral caves to the top of the hill. The combination of sea, coral caves, and hills makes Cikembang beach seem more distinctive.

Entrance Ticket Prices at Cikembang Beach

To be able to enter Cikembang beach visitors are only charged an entrance ticket fee of IDR 5,000 per person. Meanwhile, visitors who bring private vehicles such as motorbikes near the beach will be charged a parking fee. So, this beach tour is very cheap and affordable for all people.

To get to Cikembang beach, it can only be accessed using two-wheeled vehicles such as motorbikes because the roads in the village of Pasirbaru, especially those leading to Cikembang beach, are still very steep. Actually it can also be accessed using a private vehicle in the form of a small car, but you have to be careful.

The route to Cikembang beach if from the city center of Pelabuhanratu, then walk straight to the west until passing the road to Sawarna beach, where the route is one way to Cikembang beach. If you have arrived at Pasirbaru village, then Cikembang beach is getting closer, but it is only easy to reach by using two-wheeled vehicles.

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In addition, after going through Pelabuhanratu you can go to Cisolok – Cibangban Beach – Pasir Laja – Villa Ketapang or Puncak Pasir Randu. If the visitor is in doubt, you should ask the local community about the Cikembang beach location. This is because the people around the beach are very friendly and informative.

Tourism Object on Cikembang Beach

1. The view of Goa Karang

Around the Cikembang beach, there are several coral caves that make the view of this beach more exotic. In addition, there are also several coral rocks scattered around the coast. Such a view can be a photo spot for visitors, such as selfies with the cave and rock background.

The waves of sea water that hit the rocks make the sound of the waves sound more beautiful and amazing. This can be a distinctive view of the Cikembang beach.

2. Sunset and Sunrise views

Cikembang Beach offers a sunset view that makes the sky above the sea and the beach look yellowish orange. Meanwhile, when the sun rises, the color of the beach sand is brighter and looks shiny. This adds to the unique exoticism of Cikembang beach.

Such scenery can be used by visitors as an object of photography, selfie photo background, and so on. Moreover, if visitors see the view of the sunrise and sunset on the top of the hill, it will look clearer and more beautiful.

3. View of the Puncak Pasir Randu

Behind the Cikembang beach there is a hill called the top of the sandy sand which looks greenish and beautiful. Before entering this coastal area, visitors will be treated to views of the top of the hill. Visitors can take pictures of the natural beauty, make selfie backgrounds and so on.

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4. Surfing Place

The ocean waves around the Cikembang coast are very high but calm, so it is very suitable for surfing. Especially for visitors who like surfing, you should bring their equipment from home because there are no surfboards available there. Even so, visitors must still be careful to maintain their own safety.

If the waves are too big, it is not advisable to surf at Cikembang beach because it is very dangerous for safety. So, if so, visitors can enjoy the ocean waves from the beach while casually drinking coconut water and eating. In addition, visitors can take pictures of the stunning bluish sea views and waves.

5. Camping places

Cikembang Beach can also be used as a camping spot with family and friends. The atmosphere on this beach is still very beautiful and natural, so it will be comfortable to use as a camping place. Visitors can bring their own camping needs and equipment from home because they do not yet provide such equipment.

Even so, visitors who camp must keep the beach environment clean. It aims to keep the naturalness and beauty of the beach well.

6. Typical Sea Food Culinary Available

Around Cikembang beach, there are many small shops or restaurants that provide seafood specialties. Visitors don’t have to worry about food and drinks when they are there because they can enjoy seafood specialties at an affordable price.

There are many kinds of sea food culinary there, such as grilled fish, carp to sea crab, combined with the typical spices of the surrounding community. The processing process is also relatively simple and traditional by local residents. So, visitors will be satisfied with the delicious and affordable culinary taste of sea food.

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7. The attraction of the local community’s cultural wisdom

Most of the people around Cikembang beach are fishermen. Most fishermen find fish using small boats and some also by fishing. The local community or fishermen are also very friendly, making visitors more comfortable and at home on the beach for a long time.

That is the review of Cikembang beach which is no less interesting than the big beaches in Bali and so on. This beach can be an alternative for your natural tourist destinations with friends and family. Especially for those of you who are in the Sukabumi area themselves and should not miss this beach tourist destination.


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