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Talking about tourist destinations in the Garut area is indeed quite famous for its natural beauty curug (waterfall). Apart from the waterfall, the beach in the south of Garut which is connected to the southern sea coast is one of the destinations that cannot be underestimated. There are several beaches that are very famous but there are also beaches that are rarely even completely unheard of.

That is Cijeruk beach. The beach, which is precisely located in Sagara village, Pameungpeuk sub-district, Garut district, is often dubbed a pristine beach. The nickname is pinned because this beach is in an inland area as well as the existence of the beach which is very rarely exposed. In fact, only some of the Garut people know the existence and location of this beach.

Entrance ticket prices at Cijeruk Beach

Actually there is no special entrance ticket that must be paid by tourists when visiting Cijeruk Beach. Visitors can enter freely without being charged with the condition that they do not damage or pollute the beach. However, usually visitors will be charged a parking fee with standard parking rates for vehicles, depending on the type of vehicle being brought.

For the operational hours of Cijeruk beach, the manager enforces a rule to open the beach area from 07.00 – 17.00 WIB. The operating hours may change depending on the decision of the management officer. Usually if you are busy with visitors, the closing hours will be added by 1 to 2 hours so that the last visitor can enjoy the beach view for longer.

In fact, when viewed geographically, this beach is closer to the city of Tasikmalaya even though the beach has historically been included in the Garut area. For visitors coming from the city of Garut, there are alternative routes that can be traversed. First, go through the Garut – Cikajang highway, go straight south until you find the Cikajang road which is followed by the Amblas road.

Then pass Ciparay until you find Jalan Raya Cisompet, go straight south until the T-junction of Jalan Cigodeg. From the T-junction turn left onto Sirna Bakti road. From the Jalan Ray Bakti straight east through the Miramareu road. Until we find a substation that leads to Cijeruk beach. To get to the location through a small road in and a little steep.

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Whereas visitors who come from the direction of the city of Tasikmalaya, an alternative route is offered, namely using the Perintis Kemerdekaan road straight south to the Karangnunggal road then through the Syekh Abdul Muhyi road, Jalan Raya Sukaraja, Cibalong street, until you find the Karangnunggal highway again. After that pass the Bantar Kalong road straight south.

Until you find a T-junction on Raya Cipatujah road then turn right towards Jalan Ciandum. From the Ciandum road, the journey continues westward, passing the Trans West Java route. Until finding a road sign that leads to Cijeruk beach. To enter the beach location, you will pass a slightly steep path so you need to be more careful.

Tourist attractions on Cijeruk beach

1. Beautiful and peaceful beach atmosphere

Finding a beautiful and peaceful tourist destination seems very difficult nowadays. Most of the popular tourist locations have been exploited in various forms so that the impression of being beautiful and sustainable has begun to decrease. Cijeruk Beach, which is far from the city center, is one of the destinations with remaining natural preservation. This condition should be maintained.

In addition, to reach the beach location, visitors must pass through dense rubber forests. This makes Cijeruk beach look very mysterious behind a grove of rubber trees. But this actually creates an unexpected surprise because there is a paradise hidden behind a grove of rubber trees. Like finding a diamond in the middle of a pile of grass.

2. Clear Beach Water

Actually, from a distance, the sea water on Cijeruk Indah beach has two colors, namely clear colors and also navy blue. However, when viewed from a close up, this beach water is really clear. Because the beach is relatively new, the beach water is still clean, and there is no visitor or domestic garbage dumped carelessly.

Beach water is also safe for swimming or playing water because beach water does not contain harmful toxic waste. The water temperature of Cijeruk beach is very comfortable, which is cool, cool but also causes cold even though it is too long to play water. No wonder tourists who visit always take the time to just touch the sea water of this Cijeruk beach.

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3. Fine sand

Cijeruk beach sand, which is brownish white in color, has a smooth and soft texture, so it is very safe when doing various activities on the sand. The sand is also not easily sucked in or into the respiratory system. This beach is dominated by sloping sand reaching to the middle of the beach. Therefore it is very safe for children who play sand without having to worry about being hit by the waves.

4. Calm Waves

Apart from the sand that juts into the sea, the geographic location of the beach is also the reason why this beach has calm waves. Located in the bay area, Cijeruk beach has calm waves with low intensity. This adds to the impression that playing on Cijeruk beach, especially for children, is quite safe.

5. Surrounded by hills

One of the attractions of Cijeruk beach is the lush green hills. These hills make the air temperature around the coast very cool. Unlike most coastal temperatures we encounter. This relatively stable and cool beach temperature makes Cijeruk beach quite attractive as a place to eat during the day, accompanied by a portion of food and a fresh breeze.

6. Camping

There are other interesting things that Cijeruk beach has to offer, which can be used as a fun camping spot. If you want to camp, visitors can ask permission from the beach manager or officer. This soft and sloping beach sand is very suitable for use as a natural camping tool. Coupled with a campfire while eating warm roasted corn. It must be very memorable.

7. The Number of Water Living Around the Beach

Along the shoreline of Cijeruk, visitors can find various creatures that live in the shoreline ecosystem, such as plants that live on the edge of a rock, seaweed that seems to dance together with clear water waves that can be seen clearly. There are also small fish with cute colors that can be seen playing on the beach.

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8. Fishing Spot

There are many exciting fishing spots. Because there are a lot of fish, you certainly don’t get bored if you linger fishing on this beach. the catch can be taken home or can be burned on the spot. Especially for visitors who want to camp on Cijeruk beach. It will be very and fun if the evening is used as a grilling event of the fish caught alone with friends or family.

9. Sailing on Cijeruk Beach

There are many fishing boats along the coast that visitors can rent if they want to see the natural beauty of Cijeruk beach up close. Because the sea water of Cijeruk beach is quite clear, if visitors look closely at the seabed by boat, visitors will feel in the middle of a giant aquarium.

10. Culinary Tour

The Cijeruk coastal area is a location where fish populations are very diverse. Therefore, local residents who work as fishermen choose to fish around the Cijeruk coast. In addition, not far from the beach there is a fish auction where fishermen sell their catch. There, visitors can buy various kinds of fresh fish at lower prices.

There are also sellers of Sundanese food and specialties, especially Garut which is made from fresh fish for sale on the streets along the Cijeruk beach. It is very delicious to eat Sundanese lunch snacks accompanied by the breeze of Cijeruk beach and the expanse of sea water that can soothe the eyes and heart. Visitors can also order culinary in the form of seafood according to their wishes.

And there are many more uniqueness and activities that can be done on Cijeruk beach, a virgin beach from the south. There is nothing wrong with trying the sensation of traveling differently to tourist destinations where there are not too many visitors. In fact, it will make visitors more comfortable doing various activities.


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